Doctor Whoooooo. It's finally back!

I really liked the new ep, the new Doctor, AND the new companion. Of course I'm still not over Donna, but I really really like Amy so far, and Eleven is such a lovable jerk, and I think they'll be brilliant together.

I desperately hope that River Song grows on me, 'cause I didn't like her at all in SitL/FotD, but since she's coming back... well, I hope she's a ninja assassin who moonlights as an exotic snake trainer. Because. You know. Ninja assassin/exotic snake trainer > annoying archeologist who whinges on and on about how she's so speshul but can't explain why she's speshul because OMG NO SPOILLLLERSLOLOL. Why couldn't Sally Sparrow be the Super! Speshul! Name-Knowing! Lady? At least she wouldn't be such a douchewaffle about it. I know, I'm being really harsh on River, but she seriously bugged me :\

Anyway. Love Eleven, love Amy. Love the typical "Moffetness" of the ep, especially the whole thing where he goes on and on and on about how she's so brave because of xy&z and then turns around and is like "so that must be one hell of a scary crack in your wall." I enjoyed the timey-wimey stuff, though I read a spoiler that Amy gets preggers five years in the future which... I dunno. I'm kind of meh on that idea. I'll see what's what with it before I freak out and start hating it.

I just hope Amy's back for s6, 'cause I'm a bit tired of these one-year sidekicks. Can we have a Doctor and a companion that stay together for a good long run, please? :c A lot of the reason the show's survived for 31 seasons it because it constantly reinvents itself and it's always fresh. Maybe it's because I'm American or something, but I like really getting to know a character over many seasons. Is that an American thing? Or is it just a me thing? No idea. I'd just like at least three years of Eleven and Amy, for better or for worse.

I'm not sure about Eleven's outfit. Admittedly, he's only had it on for a few minutes, but I thought the tattered suit suited him better than the tweed. Maybe it'll grow on me.

Overall, I'm super optimistic about season 5, with minor River Song-related trepidations. And Bill Nighy as a crazy museum director in the same ep as Tony Curran as Vincent van Gogh? Hell to the yes, thank you. I can't wait.

OH, BEFORE I FORGET: I had a lot of thoughts on The End of Time, but in brief: I thought the way the Master and Ten both went out was very fitting, I hated Mickey and Martha's ending (what was wrong with her marrying Tom? Jeesh), I was disappointed in Lucy's sudden unexpected goodness and wish they'd explored her and made her more complex, I loved Rose's cameo because they didn't overdo it, and I still can't figure out what the hell I think of Donna's ending. But I was delighted that Ten still thinks of her as his best friend. And really, who WOULDN'T be proud if Wilf was their dad? Wilf is just as much of a BAMF as his granddaughter, and he rocked EoT up down and sideways.

Your moment of zen.
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