01 May 2010 @ 05:10 pm
"How is a duck pond a duck pond when there are no ducks?"  
I've spent the last couple weeks marathoning the entirety of Alias. Yes, even that crappy episode where David Marshall Grant jumps out of an airplane without a parachute.

I'm nearly done, save for a few eps of Amy Acker flouncing around while Mia Maestro goes "oooooooh" in a spooky fashion in the background and Jennifer Garner and Ron Rifkin talk to themselves a lot. And I've learned that, if you do nothing else in your life, NEVER EVER GIVE AN ATTRACTIVE, YOUNG, DITZY WOMAN THE TIME. SHE IS EVIL AND WILL KILL YOU. Also Jorge ALWAYS has the key card.

Aside from that, I've been failing to tl;dr about the new season of Doctor Who like I should have been. So here's some for, uh, Lady U.

1. I liked TBB. Haters to the left. I thought it was awesome. Yes, even the giant hideous plot holes the size of that star whale. ON DOCTOR WHO, EVEN THE PLOT HOLES ARE AWESOME. Loved the Peter Pan references. Especially after FaS, I totally see the Peter/Wendy correlations to Eleven/Amy. I love all the fairytale stuff this season, and in some respects it feels like it's aimed at a younger audience, but at the same time... it's not. Fairytales are actually quite adult things, and I think Moffat gets that.

2. I didn't like VotD. I only watched it once, unlike TBB, which I ended up sitting through about four times, and it got better successively. So maybe on my rewatch tonight, my opinion will change, but it basically seemed like the Aliens of London/World War Three of this season. Which is... not bad, per se, but I honestly found it a bit dumb and Churchill couldn't hold a candle to Harriet Motherfucking Jones. And, I dunno, I'm not fond of Eleven leaving Amy behind all the time. Splitting up constantly smacks of Scooby Doo and/or them working better separately than as a team. And, uh, preventing the human bomb from blowing up by reminding him of his humanity was pretty cheesy. And I LIKE cheese, but I found this a bit much.

3. ToA was creepy and wonderful. Easily the best ep of the new season so far. I'm a bit on the fence about River, though that's better than the slathering hatred I felt for her last season. She's still patronizing without giving any real indication about why she deserves to patronize anybody, much less the Doctor. Romana liked to point out Four's faults, but she was badass and intelligent and wonderful, and she proved it repeatedly. River, we're just supposed to take as fabulous at face value, and it's still kind of annoying. With all the hints that have been dropped, I'm betting she'll kill Eleven, but time will be rewritten so in the end she doesn't. Although she said she learned how to fly the Tardis from "the best" because the Doctor wasn't there that day or something. Maybe she kills Rory.

Rory is Twelve. There you go.

Anyway, FaS wasn't quite as good as ToA, but that's probably to do with me wringing my hands for the past week wondering what was going to happen to Eleven and Amy and how so much incredibleness could be smushed into a couple wonky stone statues.

But seeing those bastards MOVE? HOLY CRAP I NEARLY WEPT. If it had been handled differently, I think it could have destroyed the whole mythos of them, but Moffat did it just right to make them EVEN MORE CREEPY AND HORRIBLE AND OHGODMYNIGHTMARESTHEY'REINTHEM

I really liked the soldier/cleric that Amy was hanging out with for a while. I never got why people got so attached to Ross. Marco is my Ross.

And. I liked the last scene. I'm not gonna get into it, or I'm pretty sure I'll end up sounding like I did a faceplant into a cactus. I just... liked it.

I have so much more tl;dr in me. You don't even know. Pages and Pages. But I'll leave it there.

My father's thoughts on the new season? "I like it. I think there's some interesting stuff going on. And I like Amanda Pool."

Your moment of zen. For anyone who thought that last scene of FaS was a laugh riot, and for anyone who didn't. This is.