Kirsty Gillan is corrupting your children with her slatternly ways.

Sorry if I can't take your review seriously, Simon Gaskell. It might've helped if you'd, you know, bothered to learn the actress' name. ...Just sayin'.

...A small part of me is enjoying watching conservative media and fans getting their panties in a massive twist over The Problem Of Amy. And kind of wondering if Moffat's some kind of metatextual genius and he put in the Shocking And Racy Scene knowing it would cause great scandal to make us examine our own reactions to it. He probably didn't. But you never know.

In other news, Bones was good last night, but I honestly can't help but miss the good old days. I always praised it for being a character-driven procedural, but... now it's more like a drama with some cases on the side and as much as I tend to prefer dramas to procedurals? I miss it being a true procedural. I always liked the sciencey stuff and now that's taken a real backseat to the emotiony stuff and for some reason, it's bringing the whole show down for me. Not that Aliens In A Spaceship isn't still my favorite ep, and that's one of the most emotional ones, but it was still sciencey, plus it was a different thing from the usual science-heavy eps so that was okay and made it stand out.

So yeah, I'm happy Angela and Hodgins are married and adorable and it's all sorts of lovely, but I miss the cases and the, you know, the bones.

Also HIMYM. It's lost its spark or something, I dunno. Its sense of total and complete randomness. Also I'm really sick of Barney and wish they'd focus more on Ted. And yeah, I'm pretty much the only person in the universe whose favorite character is Ted, but he's the main character and it's become The Barney Show and I want it to stooooooop.

But Doctor Who's been a-rockin', even if Amy Pond has corrupted my innocence. And I guess that's good enough.

Maybe one day I'll just make my own TV show so I can have one go the way I want. It will feature penguins heavily.
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