... That's it, really. I'm proud of myself. I think I exhibited impressive amounts of self-restraint.

The Lone Centurion is proud of me too.

AND BY THE WAY? A GOOD MAN GOES TO WAR WAS SORT OF AWESOME. Though I was kind of disappointed that like... there was no raining down of hellish fury on the heads of those who had "pricked the side of the beast." But man, talk about casual cruelty. First Amy was a jerkass to Bucket, who was only trying to help, then she threatened River with death over ~the secret~, then she blithely attempted murder on about 400 people to save the life of her psychopathic, BFF-killing... person she knows [/spoilers]. Of course, this was all probably an improvement given that in the season-opener she [actual spoilers] shot her daughter in the face[/actual spoilers]. And honestly, I kind of like jerkass!Amy :c

The biggest disappointment, though, was that Marco did not reappear. Yeah, you all remember Marco, right? RIGHT? HE WAS TOTALLY A PIVOTAL CHARACTER.

In other news, I think everybody knows by now, but I'll remind everybody anyway: I have a boxhound. Or a groxer, but I think I'm going with boxhound. She's a floppy, wiggly thing, who wiggles at me and then flops all over me. Or, alternatively, she sometimes flops all over me and then wiggles, usually resulting in at least one paw in my eye.

Unfortunately, though it's a situation easily dealt with by giving her loads of antibiotics, she has a buttload of intestinal parasites. They're all very common and easily gotten rid of, at least. So, a) good that antibiotics will kill them, b) bad that she had to put up with tummy troubles til they're gone :C

We got her from CPR, and now we're kind of like... "Thanks for taking great care of her, CPR :/ You're all wizards." But having places like CPR is better than not, and now she's got us to dote on her and call the vet every other day because SHE HAS HICCUPS OHGOD WHAT IF THERE'S SOMETHING WROONNNNGGGG. So it all works out.

She also has a tiny, tiny bladder, so it being almost 3am, I must prepare her to brave Hurricane Irene and go outside to pee. At 3am :c

And then I should try to get work done because lol deadlines. SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK.
Current Mood: satisfied
Current Music: Mephistopheles by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
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