17 September 2011 @ 06:44 pm

Just FYI, from now on I shall call her HRH Princess Wigglesworth Tinybladder III, Defender of the Yard, Protector of the Tennis Ball, Duchess of Tongue Up My Nose While I'm Napping and Foot In My Eye While We're Playing.

...I have a thing for titles :/

And now I'd like to talk about The God Complex for a moment.

I've never been on drugs, but I imagine The God Complex is much like a horrible drug-related experience. At first I was happy, then I was confused and things were blurry and time wasn't happening properly, then I was really, inappropriately fixated on a goldfish, then I was more confused and there was ~symbolism~ and ~meaning~ getting all up in my face, and now I have a headache and I'm sad.

Just. Really sad. And not just 'cause the goldfish got eaten /OOPS SPOILERS

There's also this:

Steven Moffat is not a benevolent god.
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