Argh, it be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, me hearties. Yo ho. And I be restin' me laurels all by me lonesome in me cabin, nary hide nor hair o' me favorite beastie to be seen - me ol' da has her cornered belowdecks while I take a stab at this 'ere work that's t' be done.

...Anyway. I really don't have anything new to say, I just wanted to post something because I'm trying to get work done but really all I'm doing is eating corn chips and watching old episodes of sitcoms while wishing I was asleep. Last week I was nearly pressed into fisticuffs by a fat middle-aged angry Eastern European man in the grocery store parking lot, and then this weekend I performed classical music at a Spanish mass without understanding a word of Spanish. But I have been teaching myself Irish Gaelic, which is... going slowly. My life feels kind of strange right now, but maybe that's the sleep deprivation talking.

Anyway. Here's a gif of pirate!Pond, since it's International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Current Mood: listless
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