06 January 2012 @ 03:00 pm
"TWO! Two sad frogs!"  
This post is brought to you by the number four!

FOUR! Four sad things:

1) Taylor Swift has been cast as Eponine in the upcoming film of the musical of Les Miserables. There are no words that can adequately express the range of negative emotions I'm feeling about this. There aren't even any gifs. There is only sadness.

2) I recently discovered an ITV adaptation of one of my favorite Christie novels, Why Didn't They Ask Evans?, starring Georgia Moffat and Sean Biggerstaff. Excitedly, I proceeded to procure a copy, only to discover that it wasn't ACTUALLY starring either of those actors, because their characters got totally shafted. No, my beloved Frankie&Bobby are forced to take a back seat to Miss Marple, of all people, who gets her Marpleness all up in the place without so much as an invitation. I wanted to watch Georgia Moffat and Sean Biggerstaff crash their car into a gate and get locked up in some creep's attic :C Now I fear I'm doomed to watch Miss Marple drive really slowly, holding up all the other traffic, and get offered tea and scones in some creep's sitting room. NOT THE SAME, ITV. NOT. THE. SAME.

3) ITV Actually, upon reflection, I have remembered that it was actually SkyOne. I'm just mad it ITV. Anyway, SkyOne recently adapted Treasure Island, starring Eddie Izzard as Long John and Elijah Wood as Ben Gunn. I downloaded this as well, thinking, "Oh, I like Treasure Island! I hope this'll be good!" As it turns out, Muppet Treasure Island ruined me for all other Treasure Island adaptations. Watching the SkyOne one, all I could think was, "The one with the actors made of felt was much better :/"

It did give me an idea for my own adaptation of Treasure Island, though. Stand by for more on that once I work up the energy to do drawings. YES. THERE WILL BE DRAWINGS.

4) More of an explanation than anything, but Sad Fact Number Four is that I can no longer post comments on the default comment page.

This is apparently just something that happened when LJ decided to break itself, so until it's fixed (if it's ever fixed), I've got custom comment pages on so I can actually, you know, reply to people. I at least tried to make the layout look pretty default-ish.

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