07 July 2008 @ 01:34 pm
Having rewatched the finale (yes I did, I know I have no life), I think I'm finally ready to come down on whether or not I liked it.

On the whole: I liked. It was even more epic than previous finales, and it was so brilliant to see everyone again. Plus, Jack/Sarah Jane Smith = true love forever? I didn't even mind the Torchwood team's cameos. I liked them better than I tend to on their own show, and they were kept in a little bubble away from the main action, so I'm okay with it. It was maybe a bit heavy on the technobabble, but it's a sci-fi show and as long as it makes me feel for the characters, I don't mind some incomprehensible gibberish.

Rose's ending: I liked. I still can't make up my mind about whether it was happy or sad, but it was fitting. She made the adjustment from Nine to Ten and I'm certain she can make the adjustment from Ten to Ten.2.1. It will, of course, be baffling for both of them, and I don't think it will be a happily ever after like in the fairy tales, especially because of all the pressure that their relationship has to work out because of how much Ten sacrificed for it. They'll be stuck on Earth in one timeline, but I believe that even though Ten.2.1 is the Doctor, he's also a human Doctor, and he's much more willing than Ten would have been to settle down to a "normal" life with Rose. And you have to remember TIP/TSP, when they thought the TARDIS was lost and were planning to settle down together. Ten seemed to think that if he couldn't have the TARDIS, a "normal" life with Rose wasn't a bad second option. Ten.2.1 feels the same way about Rose that Ten did, but with the added bonus of only one heart and the whole aging and dying thing (not that I don't believe Rose and Ten.2.1 won't die valiantly defending the planet, not old in bed). Plus, John Smith seemed to desperately want to live happily ever after with Joan. Ten's got the domestic in him somewhere, and as long as he's got Rose and Torchwood and defeated alien invaders of Earth, I'm sure he can live without a time machine. Of course, it will be the most complicated relationship known to man, it's not "and they lived happily ever after." Just the fact that she ran after the TARDIS and she and Ten.2.1 ended up not snogging passionately but standing still, holding hands, looking at each other tentatively demonstrates that they have a buttload to figure out. But Ten.2.1 and Rose are both remarkable people, and I believe they'll make it work.

ETA: I read someone complaining about the ooc-ness of the scene (ie. the lack of Rose and Ten.2.1 making inappropriately timed jokes and winking naughtily at each other). But there's inappropriately timed and then there's inappropriately timed. They were both probably having flashbacks to Doomsday and neither one of them is going to wink naughtily in the midst of that kind of heartache. They only make inappropriately timed jokes when other people are suffering, not themselves. And considering that I just wrote a 20-page app for Landel's that took an in-depth look at Rose's personality... I like to think I know it pretty well. And as far as the acting, not the best we've seen from either of them, but we also have to remember that Jackie was standing right there. They aren't gonna do it on the ground with her mom/his future mother-in-law looking over their shoulders. There had to be a bit of reservation there. I wish they'd included the more passionate kiss that they shot (and we have footage of!) but I was frankly shocked we got a kiss at all.

Donna's ending: I'll get back to you on this one. With an essay the length of a small book. I can't decide if it was a pointless write-off of a brilliant character, or a Lear-esque tragedy with no hope and no meaning that only goes to show even the most wonderful woman in the universe can scream at fate all she wants but she's still just a toy in its hands.

It needs to be said, though, that watching Donna slip back so easily into that gossiping, idiotic, TRB!Donna was painful to watch after the depth and compassion we've seen from her. ILU, Donna, and in my heart you will always have revamped the chameleon circuit and rewritten your biology to turn yourself into a fully fledged Time Lady and travelled with Ten forever and ever.

Harriet Jones' ending: I loved. She went out proving that she pwns all things, and Ten will never be able to say different. And I'm sort of glad Rose bitch-slapped him with the fact that Harriet died to save them all. He deserves to be bitch-slapped silly for what he did to her in TCI.

And a random sidebar: In my personal canon, Romana is still alive. I will hear no different. She is fobwatched and living happily in Ealing, two doors down from Sarah Jane Smith. They sometimes have tea together. For mysterious reasons, she still looks an awful lot like Lalla Ward. I also happen to believe that Jenny and Jack met up while he was working for the Time Agency, and it's somehow her fault that he lost two years of his memory.
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