26 July 2008 @ 09:35 am
"He's a 51st century guy. He's a lot more flexible when it comes to... dancing."  
The "Doctor Who Personal Canon Meme." I like this one because... well... I fucking hate the DW fandom and the constant petty arguments about what is "canon" and what isn't. Everybody has their own and nobody's is right or wrong >[

Everyone has their "personal canon" for Doctor Who. List ten things that are in yours.

1. Donna should be considered Eleven. I know she's not technically an incarnation of the Doctor, but for whatever weird reason, I have my heart set on girl!Eleven. Whoever comes after David Tennant is Twelve.

2. Jack and Nine slept together. After that, Ten had extra residual guilt for leaving him behind, which is one of the reasons he ran away in Utopia. The Doctor and the Master have also slept together in the past (but Ten never slept with Saxon). Jack and Rose had a purely platonic relationship (well... as platonic as a relationship with Jack can get) no matter that I make jokes about it at Landel's.

3. Romana is alive. So is the Master. They and Lucy Saxon are out there being awesome 24/7/365. Sometimes they have battles across the stars. The Master's new regeneration looks a lot like Richard Armitage. Romana still looks like Lalla Ward. On her days off from intergalactic battles, she lives at 9 Bannerman Rd. in Ealing.

4. Nine and Rose loved each other, Ten and Rose were in love. But Ten would never let them be more than friends, and Rose was happy as long as she got to travel with him. Their relationship was platonic, and they were both content to leave it that way even though they had romantic feelings for each other.

5. The Doctor is not half human. Nor is he asexual.

6. River Song is fobwatched!Rani. End of story.

7. Ten and Donna are just best mates. There's nothing sexual or even vaguely romantic about their relationship. They're like Shawn & Gus on Psych, but... in space.

8. Ten could have fixed Donna using the chameleon arch. He chose not to because she would have been with him literally forever and he's scared of commitment (that's why Ten.2 could tell Rose he loved her and Ten never could). He can't accept that fact that there are things that can last. Another reason he didn't fix her was that Catherine Tate wanted to leave the show. I also like this quote for the situation: "...you see a man who's raging, and he's jealous and he fears / that you've walked through walls he's hid behind for years." (Yeah, it's from the Secret Garden. Shut up >.>;;)

9. At some point in the future, Ten will have a series of wacky adventures with Sally Sparrow which I would love to see onscreen HINT HINT STEPHEN MOFFAT >[ Eventually he returns her to 1969, and she lives happily ever after with Billy. (Ten tells them they can't tell past!/future!Sally what will happen, so Billy has to take a fake wedding picture with some other girl that he showed to Sally in Blink).

10. Jenny is Susan's mom. Ten just hasn't figured it out yet. And One certainly had no clue.
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