09 March 2011 @ 11:51 am
I've decided, in my infinite ability to procrastinate, to do one of those 30 day memes, but since it's about Doctor Who and I know most people on my flist don't watch it, I've condensed it into 15 days to get it over with quicker.

I'm also going on record and stating right now (so I can be held to it later) that I won't be watching season 6 when it starts (I'm guessing in April) but will be waiting to watch it all in one go when it re-returns (I'm guessing in September). asdfs;hjd Why does the BBC do this ;;

So, without further ado, Day 1 of 15 Days Of Who.

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/slinks back to writing
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I apologize.

Don't click here unless you're bored and are a fan of a certain Criminal Minds character. )

Okay, now that I've distracted you with Chuck Norris EMILY PRENTISS facts, I have a few words to say about The Cape:

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I'm done now.

...Yes, I was reading Chuck Norris facts instead of writing. /slinks away to write more
18 January 2011 @ 02:35 pm
Some old meme or something.

  • Go to wikipedia and click "random article." The first article that comes up is the name of your band.
  • Go to and click "random quotation." The last three or four words of the last quote on the page is the title of your album.
  • Go to Flickr and click "explore last seven days." The third picture is your album cover.

I did two, 'cause why not:

Tagged: anyone who feels like doing it.
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I found this somewhere, and I knew at least one person would get a kick out of it:

gif under here. a beautiful, beautiful gif )

Now that I've enriched everybody's lives... Um. I'll go back to trying and failing to beat Swamp Fever on expert. wheeeeeeeee
Here we are, mid-way through the first full week of December, and this is what I've accomplished going into the holiday season:

- wrote a book
- told myself I would edit the book so it was worthy of the free proof copy I sort of want to get of it
- failed, but I've still got time
- gave myself a swanky new lj layout to celebrate the fact that I'm 23 and still obsessed with Scooby Doo
- told myself I would write a resume for a job interview
- failed, but I've still got time
- decided to learn new facts about a random topic every week, to broaden my horizons
- SUCCEEDED FOR THREE WEEKS IN A ROW. WHOOOOOOOOO (For those curious, my topics thus far have been Brain Function Lateralization In People With Autism-Spectrum Disorders, Micro-histories Of Contemporary American Slang, and Platypuses. Yes, I am a true scholar.)
- went to the gym

Anyway, since the NaNo Dance Party was NaNo-exclusive, I thought it might be a nice idea to have an OPEN INVITATION HOLIDAY CAMPFIRE SING-ALONG. Because fun, good feeling, and marshmallows heading into December are never bad things, I say.

And here to get the party started:


So if anybody wants to have a little pre-holiday celebration, this is the place to come for all your holiday platypus useless factoids needs.
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21 November 2010 @ 03:46 am
At 2:45am on Nov. 20th, I officially finished my 50,038 word NaNoWriMo novel! Now I dance.

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30 September 2010 @ 03:07 pm
Last night, I was introduced to the Sims. I discovered it wasn't really my type of game, but there was fun to be had.

there are no pictures, but hopefully the story will suffice )

And that's how you make an unkillable Sim.
19 September 2010 @ 02:54 am
.... Everyone was doing it. I just wanted to be cool :c

So here it is, a dysfunctional video game family of my very own! Katiria has the Ramirez-Bindersmiths struggling to rise above their occasionally lightbulb-less lifestyle, Lady U has poor Traci-Ann trying to make ends meet for her family, and He Bei's got those wacky Bummhustlers.


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Yeah, this journal is fast becoming a showcase of Things I Drew While I Could've Been Making Something Of My Life.

So there was this one time that I was talking to Katiria about which special infected the survivors of L4D would be. You know, Bill would be a Smoker, Coach would be a Boomer, etc. etc. Then I got to thinking, "Which special infected would characters of various other things I pay attention to be?"

Then I become obsessed with Leverage. Then this monstrosity was born.

[click for full size]

LEFT 4 LEVERAGE, an awesome tv show about zombie con artists.

Nathan: Smoker
Sophie: Witch
Parker: Hunter
Hardison: Louis. Because he didn't really fit any of the special infected.
Eliot: Tank. Or the unholy lovechild of a cement truck and a deformed bobblehead that was repeatedly trampled by horses as a child, you decide. I'm... not so psyched about how the tank turned out.

ALSO HAVE I MENTIONED IT HAS A BACKGROUND? AND WHAT A BACKGROUND IT IS! I've been bragging about it non-stop since yesterday :[
19 August 2010 @ 01:28 pm
I had a pretty cool vacation-ish thing with my friend from California, though I'm convinced Maine was trying to kill me. more on my vacation-ish thing )

Aside from that:

You know you play too much L4D when your not-remotely-nerdy mother walks into the room, glances at your computer screen, and says, "I think you need an automatic weapon, kiddo. That shotgun's not doing it for you."

And Leverage? Leverage is a black hole full of meth wrapped in gold and dipped in sugar and gummy-bear dreams. It's amazing and I've been enjoyably drowning in it and having bits of my brain compressed into a delicious candy-flavored quantum singularity. If that's wrong, I don't want to be right.

And finally, in celebration of the new season, I bring you a doodle I did of Captain Yesterday, of New Justice Team fame. I've got one of Cloberella that's about half-done and a sketchy one of Super King, so those may get finished some day, but for now, have the one who's super fast and from the past: Captain Yesterday!

obligatory cut to spare the flists )

Plus, a really nice review of the original Avengers, because that show was awesome.
18 July 2010 @ 05:36 pm
So I decided to try my hand at an artistic endeavor outside of Photoshop. As it turns out, I'm like surgically grafted to Photoshop and any attempt to exist without it makes me sad. So I did this here L4D meme (of my own making, but with questions picked and chosen from other memes), hand sketched but digitally painted.

I can't do backgrounds, so enjoy the copious amounts of white space.

Sorry Bill, more stairs. )

Also I'm proud of how the witch turned out, so have a close-up.
I think I'm in love with Ian Bonar.

Anyway, detailed below are my thoughts re: GOING POSTAL: THE MOVIE in the form of word vomit.

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:/ In other fandom-related news, I sat myself down with a transcript of Silence in the Library and imagined my way through a few scenes with everything as is, except that Jane Seymour was playing River Song. ...I liked it rather better.

It's 2am, so I'll leave it there or you'll get a rant you really don't want.
He didn't even die looking like a member of a Peruvian folk band :(

... This journal entry brought to you by Lady U's insistence that I update something on the internet to express my dismay at recent Doctor Who events.

It was a badass episode, but it did make me sad.
I'm posting this before 3.4 has been completed and fully expect 3.6 and onwards to waltz all over this one because it'll probably take a while, as it having its own name implies.

Complete the following 100-prompt icon table that I cobbled together from a bunch of prompts around the interwebs made up out of my own head lollll I'm lazy shut up :c Live-action fandom of your choice.

Choose 7 characters or pairings from the same fandom, one per set. You can do a character individually and then in a pairing, but not the same character individually twice (for instance, you could do Booth, Brennan, and Booth/Brennan, but not Booth for two different sets). A character can appear in another character's set, but only if the theme refers to/the focus is on the primary character (for instance, if you're doing a set for Brennan, Booth can show up as long as the icon is mainly about Brennan). Make an icon for each prompt word. No animations, text optional. All icons must be made originally for this challenge.

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Kirsty Gillan is corrupting your children with her slatternly ways.

Sorry if I can't take your review seriously, Simon Gaskell. It might've helped if you'd, you know, bothered to learn the actress' name. ...Just sayin'.

...A small part of me is enjoying watching conservative media and fans getting their panties in a massive twist over The Problem Of Amy. And kind of wondering if Moffat's some kind of metatextual genius and he put in the Shocking And Racy Scene knowing it would cause great scandal to make us examine our own reactions to it. He probably didn't. But you never know.

other TV rambling )

But Doctor Who's been a-rockin', even if Amy Pond has corrupted my innocence. And I guess that's good enough.

Maybe one day I'll just make my own TV show so I can have one go the way I want. It will feature penguins heavily.
04 May 2010 @ 11:21 am
You know that thing about how you should never meet your heroes? I never want to learn anything about my heroes. Or, in fact, anyone I like but don't know personally. EVER.

I'll just believe that the set of Doctor Who series five was a big fabulous lovefest and Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill are all best mates and Alex Kingston is like their mom and Steven Moffat is like their dad HE'S PROBABLY A JERK I KNOW SHUT UP THIS IS MY FANTASY and on the weekends they all got together and roasted marshmallows and found good loving homes for the all puppies they'd rescued that week. DELICIOUS DELICIOUS MARSHMALLOWS AND PUPPIES. I WILL HEAR NO DIFFERENT.

In other news, I went to the park this morning and parked in the parking lot and ate a muffin. It's the most exciting thing I've done so far this week. Or possibly stopping at two whole different Dunkin' Donuts with Katiria on Sunday night was the most exciting thing I've done this week. Never change, New England. Never change.
I've spent the last couple weeks marathoning the entirety of Alias. Yes, even that crappy episode where David Marshall Grant jumps out of an airplane without a parachute.

I'm nearly done, save for a few eps of Amy Acker flouncing around while Mia Maestro goes "oooooooh" in a spooky fashion in the background and Jennifer Garner and Ron Rifkin talk to themselves a lot. And I've learned that, if you do nothing else in your life, NEVER EVER GIVE AN ATTRACTIVE, YOUNG, DITZY WOMAN THE TIME. SHE IS EVIL AND WILL KILL YOU. Also Jorge ALWAYS has the key card.

Aside from that, I've been failing to tl;dr about the new season of Doctor Who like I should have been. So here's some for, uh, Lady U.

The Beast Below through Flesh and Stone )

I have so much more tl;dr in me. You don't even know. Pages and Pages. But I'll leave it there.

My father's thoughts on the new season? "I like it. I think there's some interesting stuff going on. And I like Amanda Pool."

Your moment of zen. For anyone who thought that last scene of FaS was a laugh riot, and for anyone who didn't. This is.
20 April 2010 @ 06:28 pm
Make a wallpaper obviously inspired by/in the style of a famous painting, which is also clearly representative of a live-action fandom of your choice.

Basically, take a famous painting and a live-action fandom and merge them so they're both still clearly recognizable.