Only 7 hours til the DW finale is available illegally online! How shall I occupy the time!?

Well, I need to write my app for Landel's, for starters. It's mostly done, but my personality section is about 2500 words long, so I feel I should edit it.

Also, I need to add a first person writing sample. >.> Why is that my least favorite part? The rest of the app is fun. The 1st person sample is not and I don't know why.

In any case, here's hoping Donna will pwn the Grim Reaper and Rose and Ten will live happily ever after in unconventional bliss. I'd also like to see Martha's wedding, just cause Tom was awfully pretty and I'd like to see him again. Plus, Disaster Tux? Rose, Sarah Jane, and Donna as bridesmaids? Although, as far as I know, we're only getting Martha's mom back, not her whole family. So maybe no wedding :(

Ah well. You can be sure that after I watch it, I will post a summation WITH PICTURES because [ profile] katiria has inspired me to make my reviews/summations better. So even if you don't watch DW, you can just look at all the pretty people! (One of them is even a genius, like Reid from Criminal Minds! And one of them is... blonde? Like... J.J. from Criminal Minds?)
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29 June 2008 @ 12:30 pm

Some people may have noticed that I did not post my usual 20pg rant about Dr. Who last night.

This is because I did not watch the episode. What? Me? Miss an episode of Dr. Who? What is this madness?

Well, I can assure you that this is not madness - it is, in point of fact, Sparta.

The reason behind my crazy decision is that there's always a massive cliffhanger at the end of episode 12. So I'm gonna wait a week and watch the entire two-and-a-half-hour finale at the same time. No cliffhangers for me, thanks.

THEREFORE, I need your help. Moral support, projects in photoshop, small writing projects (I promise I'll do those drabbles for you, [ profile] katiria!) - anything to keep me fortified and distracted until next Saturday rolls around.

Thanking you in advance :D *wanders off to find her phone because [ profile] katiria has probably called by now*
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21 June 2008 @ 07:10 pm
What did I say? There was something on Donna's back, and for your information, SHE PWNED IT.

Also: be warned for this review. It suffers a lot from Bad Wolf Virus, which is surprisingly similar to CAPSLOCK.

I can't really decide if I liked this episode or not, mainly because of Rose's accent. Apparently Billie's been off playing "posh birds" (to use her charmingly colloquial turn of phrase) for two years and has forgotten how to sound chavtastic. Hopefully it was because RTD kept telling her "sound mysterious" and she'll remember how to enunciate next week. I mean, she did the accent perfectly for two years. Come to think of it, both the leads in S2 were putting on accents. You don't really see that on American TV. Which bugs, because sometimes someone on HIMYM will say something and all I can think is "That's a frickin' West Coast accent! Get a dialogue coach, man/woman/whichever actor it happens to be!"

Well, okay, it wasn't just the accent, more of the all-around-ness of Rose. But more on that later.

Anyway. None of that is really relevant to the epicness that is Catherine Tate and the Bad Wolf. Oh, and every Ten/Rose shipper in the world almost fainting with glee.

DR. WHO: Turn Left )

ETA: I just rewatched T&C, and I think I can say with certainty that Ten and Rose were definitely shagging like bunnies by that point. Besides the gratuitous invasions of each others' personal space, Rose was changing in the control room. In TUD she had to go find the wardrobe room and change there, but in T&C she was getting nekkid with Ten right there. I really don't know how I missed it before.
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20 June 2008 @ 02:21 am
I have done some research on nightmares, because I am a very morbid person. Well, Irish at least.

a very short review because I spent all day on a plane and am very tired )

PS. Gwen and Ianto appear in the DW finale? What about us who don't like Torchwood and think Gwen and Ianto are boring and obnoxious, RTD??? If they have more than one line each, I will be forced to sic Nightingale on someone. Wow, I haven't threatened to use Nightingale on anyone in years. It feels good :) I'm excited for SJS, Jack, Martha, Jackie, ROSE, and even Mickey. But Ianto and Gwen? RAWR.
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"Rose mysteriously runs in shouting PORTENTS OF DOOM!"
~ Russel T. Davies

And to think, I was worried the finale would be a letdown.

Actually, having read the premise of this week's episode, I'm super-excited. It promises to be something along the lines of "The Wish," although hopefully they won't kill Donna off in the first ten minutes like they did with Cordy. And hopefully Rose won't be wearing black leather ala Vamp Willow. That would just be wrong.

Rose: Can I play with the puppy?
The Master: Oh, I suppose. It's also terribly amusing to the Chinchilla that there's a villain called The Master on both DW and BtVS
Rose: Puppy! And matches!
Ten: *whimper*
Mickey: Hee hee, I like to watch.
Wilf: Noooooo! I must right this horrible wrong! But there's no character analogous to Buffy for me to summon!
Jenny: Ahem.
Fic Writers: *churn out the Ten/Jenny incest porn*

Oh wow, DW/BtVS crossover in the WORST POSSIBLE WAY. Please, no one ever write that story.
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14 June 2008 @ 04:57 pm
Something that annoys me: fandom.

misogyny and homophilia (yeah I made a word up) OH NOES )

OH YEAH :D I've got a review to write! And here it is:


That pretty much sums it up. Seriously, she was in this episode for all of ten seconds and I still loved her most of all.

How do you spell 'FILLER?' Oh yeah, M-I-D-N-I-G-H-T. )

Ross UNIT Man: We've found a body. The Doctor is dead.
Donna: WTF? etc. )

P.S. ROSE Tyler, RIVER Song, Doctor MOON, SKYE Silvestri, Sally SPARROW. I see a pattern, y/y?
P.P.S. My mood theme is seriously adorable. T/R FTW.
P.P.P.S. After the preview for next week, I felt the need to bring back the "Donna Will PWN" icon, just to make myself feel better.
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08 June 2008 @ 12:05 am
Erm. So. Yup.


No, really. I have something to say. And it's about Heroes. I was bored and am eagerly anticipating Sylar and Elle's upcoming pow-wow at Landel's, and I found this trailer for S3 that has apparently been around forever, I'm just behind on the times. Anyway, it looked like Sylar killed Hiro and Matt and then either killed Elle or had hot dirty floor!sex with her. >.> Yup. The dead Hiro and Matt were probably an illusion (either that or I'm in denial because Hiro is one of the main reasons I watch that show and Matt is... well... Greg Grunberg). I just hope Elle is NOT Random Sylar Victim #498354234, because that would be a sad (as in pathetic) way for her to die. I know KB won't be around forever, but I wish she would be. Elle > Pretty Much Everything Except Donna Noble.

Speaking of Dr. Who. cut for No One Cares, which I use too much and am therefore officially renaming Angry Penguins )

A tiny rant on why Donna pwns Joan )

P.S. It's interesting to note that Moffat has been quoted as saying that he recalls Who as being terrifying and all about innocent people dying without reason or reprieve and that's how he intends to write it. And yet TEC/TDD and SitL/FotD are the only two episodes of New Who in which everybody lives. And In GitF only a few random crew members die before the story even starts and no one actually "dies" in Blink, they just live out their lives in the past and die in the present. Hmmm.
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There is a general rule in auditioning: either you grab them in the first 10 seconds or you're not hired.

I find the same is generally true of characters: if I don't love them within the first ten seconds, I never will. The one exception to this rule is Rachel Gibson on Alias. I did a bit of a 180 with that character. Feelings about a character can obviously grow and change as the character does (for example, I was vaguely intrigued by Donna when she first appeared but wasn't overly excited by her return... until I saw her return and she'd grown as a person and CT got a real chance to show some acting chops and I was blown away). But generally if I haven't found a grain of watchability by the time they say their first line, I will never love them.

And that was completely relevant. Promise.

DOCTOR WHO: The Forests of the Dead )

The Weekly DONNA IS DOOMED Section of the Review )

The Weekly DONNA IS AWESOME Section of the Review )

And in quick Landel's news:
- Mason successfully stabbed Luxord in the eye with a syringe. But then he fell down and rebroke his rib. We've worked it out so Mason won't be completely on the losing end of the battle, but I get the feeling he'll be hurting in the morning.
- Anya and Angel are about to battle Harley Quinn and a pair of hyenas. Someone really needs to explain to Anya that flashlights reveal one's location to villains lurking in the shadows.
- Elle set the Waiting Room on fire and shut Haseo inside. Oh, Elle.
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I was reading synopses of Dr. Who eps (specifically S04E10 and S04E11) because I'm a terrible person, and I read something terrifying:

Attending a carnival on planet blah blah blah local color blah blah blah timey-wimey stuff. Meanwhile, something creeps towards Donna's back.

And this is the Doctor-lite ep, so Donna is doubly fucked without her pinstriped knight to save her D8

That is all.

ETA: Actually, that's not all. I need to rant about feminism and the media. for all you feminists out there... )
Sorry if that came off as a bit bitchy, I'm in a roommate-induced bad mood >:[
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So a very happy June to one and all. I rang in the new month by making an epic Veronica Mars manip (I know, I don't even really like that show). It's sort of in... pieces, though. Card-shaped pieces. And there are only three. I tried to do Keith and Weevil, but they turned out not good so on my harddrive they shall stay. If anyone's interested in seeing Veronica, Logan, or Duncan, however, I'll put those up eventually. When I get the energy. I also found a really perfect base for a Mac manip, but that'll have to wait til tomorrow because I went very far on a bicycle today and need sleep.

In other news, Firefly fans will be amused to know that there is a character named River on Doctor Who now. I just rewatched the latest ep (because yes it was that good) and the look on River's face when she found out who Donna was leads me to believe that whether Donna dies or not, something epically tragic shall occur. Epic enough, at least, that Ten felt the need to whine about it to a new face several years down the line. And tragic enough that River, who has never seen Donna in her life, looked pretty devastated. Poor Donna.

Anyway, hopefully June shall be lovely for ya'll, I look forward to seeing Lady U, turning 21, changing my DW calendar from ugly human!Dalek to pretty eveningwear!Ten and eveningwear!Martha, and going home for the summer. YAY! :)
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*iz ded, and not just from awesome, but mostly awesome, although slightly from biking up hills for a solid hour and a half*

as;dlkkfjaslkj Catherine Tate wins at life, the universe, and everything. And to add to the list of Things Steven Moffat Has Irrevocably Ruined For Me:

- gas masks
- small children looking for their mothers
- clocks
- statues
- darkness
- dust in sunbeams

Who knows the whole range of possibilities he can take advantage of when he's showrunner? He could ruin marshmallows and Easter and singing and water and sunshine and daisies! Of course Joss Whedon and Monty Python have already teamed up to ruin bunnies for me, but there you have it.

DR. WHO V. *nevermindhidesnao* )

My poor, wonderful Donna. She's deader than a small slice of butter left on a metal surface on a hot summer day surrounded by hungry ants under a heat lamp in the middle of the desert with a large cow falling IN FLAMES right on top of it after having been jettisoned from a high airplane which is a strange an frightening image that you should all do your best to pretend I never wrote D8
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It's 12:31 and I feel a rant coming on.

cut for rabbid Ten/Rose shippiness )

I still think Donna is a fobwatched Romana. Obviously, it would be a glitzy ring, not a fobwatch. But still. That trailer with the really unnecessary shot of her ring? Chameleon arch. I mean, their names RHYME. It's really too perfect. Ten is not alone, he has his Time Lady Of Awesome!
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thoughts on the trailer for the second half of season four )

ETA: I've now watched the trailer about four times (MOAR FAIL, FLIST, WHY DO YOU LET ME NEAR INTERNETS?) and I just noticed: the TARDIS is on fire? WTF? Hopefully this is just Ten failing as per usual and not something serious. I'll be mortified if Donna dies in a house fire. Also, Davros. I've never seen him on Classic Who, but am excited nonetheless.

Also, it seems that all the big important elements of the Time War are returning: Davros and the Daleks, probably Gallifrey and the Time Lords, and most especially the Big Bad Wolf that ended the Time War. It's quite interesting, then, that Donna Noble has been so closely linked in a very explicit way with the phrase Dona Nobis Pacem (give us peace). Perhaps she'll die to bring peace between the Time Lords and the Daleks once and for all? SADNESS IS ME. But I almost hope she dies: it would be inhumane to do anything else at this point. DONNA IS MADE OF AWESOME AND MUST BE SENT OFF IN AN APPROPRIATELY AWESOME MANNER.
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I has a new icon. It speaks TRUFAX.

Anyway, I need some moral support. But WHY, you ask? )


Donna says do my bidding or she will pwn you with her wedding veil. So THERE. She even looks pissy in my mood theme >.>;

as;lkslkjdf DO WANT NAO )
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HAHA Donna wins. And she's so totally gonna die.

buttle off, then! )

Also: it is very true that there's something of a preoccupation with bees/wasps in Agatha Christie's books. Food for thought?
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I made a Dollhouse icon. 'Cause why not. Adele IS made of win and she deserves an icon that lets the whole world know that.

Meanwhile, in the world of my cracktastic Buffyverse OTPs (I only have one or two... >.>), I wrote a bit of fanfic for Anya/Hallie, in an attempt to get them out of my system. Hopefully it worked, although I suspect my sudden obsession with this pairing isn't going anywhere.

Voila, it be here

Also, Donna is so dead. I keep saying that, and here's why (again) )

New DW tomorrow (or today, really), and they'll finally get to meet Agatha Christie! Good for Ten - that was one of Nine's life goals, if I recall (or maybe it was one of Ten's life goals... I don't remember. One of those numbers). I'm super-excited. And shall update with a long rant about all the foreshadowing in the new ep telling me that Donna will die.
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Yet another Post My Flist Really Could Care Less About ♥ XD

cut for Whoverse angst )

cut for Landel's pondering )

Wow, that's the longest post I've ever made about Landel's. Now I need to... go post. Elle must continue to sexually frustrate Eddie. FOR JUSTICE! (as Amelia would say)
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Now that I've got your attention: Who rant! Because Getting Things Done is for losers. I mean, clearly.

I've been rewatching the first two seasons to psych myself up for Rose's return. And I'm more than psyched. I've already bought my popcorn. No really. I'm eating it now.

It's very tasty.

beware of rant. it b long. )

In conclusion: if there's one 'ship I'd go down with, it's Ten/Rose. I suppose Wes/Fred comes to mind, too, but theirs is a very destructive love. Well, as destructive as something so cute it could melt eyeballs is capable of being. But then again... my eyeballs.

Now to work on my thesis. NO I MEAN IT THIS TIME.

P.S. Hey Lady U: check out my mood theme. Is it just me, or do they look like they're doing something else entirely?
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Baby Time Lady FTW!

No okay, first, I changed my whole layout and most of my icons 'cause I was due an upgrade. The old one was getting too cluttered. Plus, now I'm all DW all the time. Including a shiny new animated mood theme by [ profile] watcher_junior. Eventually I'm gonna change everything around to Angel or something, but for now it's DW.

Alright, now back to the baby Time Lady. It's been a very long while since an episode of Dr. Who actually made me tear up. But I'll admit, this one made me sniffly. All in all, a very good episode - probably the best so far this season. (Although let's hope they get even better!)

DOCTOR WHO: The Doctor's Daughter )

It smells like my roommate's frying ham or something. Yum. *wanders off to eat somebody else's food*
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I had one of my patented Weird And Unnecessarily Convoluted Dreams last night. Except this one I remember rather well. Because it wasn't just any dream.

No, it was the last three episodes of S4 of Dr. Who. Yes, my brain wrote, directed, and produced 3 whole episodes of Dr. Who. And they were RUBBISH. I have never watched more of a let-down.

And then I had a follow-up dream that was sort of a cross between Dr. Who, Robin Hood, and Veronica Mars. There was gold-plated chocolate and a water-slide and people swimming a river and a fox and Veronica and Rose confusing each other and everything. But that one's slightly recurring.

anyway, those made-up Dr. Who episodes )

So that's why I'm a little annoyed with my brain. I have other reasons, as well, mostly stemming from my inability to be productive with either a) my so-far non-book and b) my honors thesis of doom.
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