I do not profess to be an expert in the field of fashion

but I can tell you, there is a shocking lack of satin

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.[A Shocking Lack of Satin]
>This is the journal of Emmy, known on her days off as the Mystical Chinchilla. I'm a graphics designer, wannabe-actor, dog lover, and all around nerd. Most of what you'll find on this journal is fandom-related, hence this handy list of fandoms:

Alias + Agatha Christie + Angel: the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer + The Avengers ('65-'67) + Black Books + Bones + Dead Like Me + Dexter + Doctor Who + Fawlty Towers + Firefly/Serenity + Freaks & Geeks + Futurama + Heroes + How I Met Your Mother + Inglourious Basterds + Left 4 Dead + Les Miserables/Victor Hugo + Leverage + Lord of the Rings + Monk + Psych + Pushing Daisies + Reefer Madness + Sandman + Scooby Doo + The Simpsons + Strangers With Candy + Veronica Mars + Warehouse 13 + The West Wing + Wonderfalls

.[friending policy]
My journal is almost exclusively open for all to read. Posts about ideas for stories and some posts about rl are locked, but these are rare. If you friend me, I'd appreciate a note letting me know how you figured out I exist. I'll definitely friend you back if I know you from rl or an rp. If I don't friend you back, please please don't be offended; I'll probably still check out your journal and respond to comments you leave me. I just like to keep my friends page very sparse.

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