I've spent the last couple weeks marathoning the entirety of Alias. Yes, even that crappy episode where David Marshall Grant jumps out of an airplane without a parachute.

I'm nearly done, save for a few eps of Amy Acker flouncing around while Mia Maestro goes "oooooooh" in a spooky fashion in the background and Jennifer Garner and Ron Rifkin talk to themselves a lot. And I've learned that, if you do nothing else in your life, NEVER EVER GIVE AN ATTRACTIVE, YOUNG, DITZY WOMAN THE TIME. SHE IS EVIL AND WILL KILL YOU. Also Jorge ALWAYS has the key card.

Aside from that, I've been failing to tl;dr about the new season of Doctor Who like I should have been. So here's some for, uh, Lady U.

The Beast Below through Flesh and Stone )

I have so much more tl;dr in me. You don't even know. Pages and Pages. But I'll leave it there.

My father's thoughts on the new season? "I like it. I think there's some interesting stuff going on. And I like Amanda Pool."

Your moment of zen. For anyone who thought that last scene of FaS was a laugh riot, and for anyone who didn't. This is.
04 December 2006 @ 11:14 pm
So I just got off the phone with Lady U, who totally dissed the Teddy Bear of Awesomeness (for Lstar - think episode 5x05 of Alias, if you saw it, wherein Renee has a crappy day and there's a helicopter and a flashback to Petite Renee and her Teddy Bear of Awesomeness. Or just read my recap. It's towards the end).

There is nothing awesomer than the Teddy Bear of Awesomeness. Except the word Seyton (because it's totally canon, even though that's a bad pic of both of them, it's the best I could do. Despite the obvious canonness... because Sark always comes with the package ;). Ignore the weird man in the background, who is either trying to look down Peyton's shirt or about to tell her to get the hell away from his boytoy).

I [heart] LadyU, but it is clear that the Teddy Bear of Awesomeness is amazing.
Wow, I'm in such Alias overdrive since I've gotten the DVD and had no one to gush about its awesomeness to. Which is why LadyU must see it this break.
*sad puppy dog face*

Bonus Question: How many times does the word "awesome," and variations thereof, appear in this post?

Also: I haven't gotten very far with the Mueller Device finale, so I'm thinking that the TBoA may have to make a special appearance. Maybe Rachel can find it and have a tea party with it. And she'll invite Peyton and her dog, and Sark and his lipstick, but considering that Peyton's unconscious in a basement somewhere and likely to remain so for the rest of her natural life, the dog has been carried away to far distant lands by an angry and veangeful Jack, and Vaughn stole the lipstick from Sark and the two of them are chasing each other around the Lair of Evildoing... it's not likely that anybody will actually show up to Rachel's tea party. Poor Rachel. :(
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04 December 2006 @ 12:41 am
I was just writing, and I paused to go back over what I had written, and I was shocked and appaled to discover that my capital letters look exactly in every detail like my mother's capital letters.
Not sure why I had to make a whole post about this, but I'm just a little freaked out. I don't wanna turn into my mother!

Home in six days! Whoo!

[EDIT: I was watching Alias and I pointed Mr. Sark out to my roommate and remarked how gorgeous he was, and she completely disagreed with me. I'm in shock. But it's comforting to know that the Freplica, Lauren, Anna Espinosa, Rachel, Peyton, and Vaughn (yes, Vaughn), and possibly Sloane (yes, Sloane) are on my side of this argument. In other words... the evil people and the socially inept people. Great. Maybe I should just admit it - if I were on Alias, I'd be... um... Rachel. Not that I would mind being nearly blown up by my best friend (watch it, Lady U) if my super-nifty consolation prize was an all-expenses-paid weekend in Brazil with none other than Mr. Sark himself. *sigh* Rachel's so lucky. And Seyton is my new favorite ship name. And this was utterly pointless. And Nathan Fillion is sexy. And... um... do not underestimate the power of the Dark Side. Because... Darth Sloane.

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23 November 2006 @ 08:24 pm
Alright, this Thanksgiving sucks! But enough of that. More of Alias, 'cause the DVD finally came out! Whoo-hoo! *does the Alias dance* Okay, on with the review:

we can live forever: a DVD review )

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Here it is. The last. The final. The one. Who is the most fucked up spy on Alias? Who will get the final, most important award? That shouldn’t be too hard to guess.

In the end, SpyMommy the First will always take home the prize. To the end, whether she means to be or not, she is awesome, and will always be awesome, and what happened to her shouldn’t have happened. But thusly goes life.
Jack, Sloane, and interestingly Rachel (of all people) were all close contenders for second place. And the reasons therefore shall be inside revealed… my grasshoppers.

ALIAS: you beat death, but you couldn’t beat me )
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22 May 2006 @ 11:42 pm
The award goes to…

NotScott almost redeemed himself. Almost. He came so close. He was mere millimeters away from getting the award, but then Sloane stole it away from under his nose, because Sloane is utterly the coolest. And he talks to dead people.

ALIAS: I would have said yes )
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lackofsatin watch the DVDs.

Yes, ladies and gents, boys and girls, the long honeymoon is over and Alias is no more. A bang, it came in with. A bang, it went out with. Two very literal bangs, and then a lot of gunfire, and some falling through glass (oh, JJ) and a lot of people who I didn't want to die died and then a lot of people I wanted to live lived. It ended the way it needed to end. And thank you, Alias, for five beautiful years. Even if I was only around for two of them.
the happy and the sad of it: possible spoilers )

Expect Weekly Reports for "No Hard Feelings," "Reprisal," and "All the Time in the World" to go up sometime later this week (hopefully). Also look out for my review of The Da Vinci Code, which was awesome. The critics lie. Don't believe the LIES!
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17 May 2006 @ 11:47 pm
Aaaaaand, the award goes to...

Oh, he's so beautiful, isn't he?

ALIAS: not a martyr or a legend )
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10 May 2006 @ 11:47 pm
Lots and lots of dead people!

Aaaaaaand, the award goes to:

I'd give it to Anna, just 'cause, but quite frankly, Nadia was a total bitch in this ep. And quite, quite scary. She's starting to get scary like her dad... at her dad. Not that Sloane doesn't deserve it.

ALIAS: that family goes deeper than blood )
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03 May 2006 @ 11:47 pm
Fucked-Up Spy of the Week:

Despite the fact that I don't remotely believe what he did, he still did it. The bastard. That smile at the end was just too... calculated. Or maybe I'm just in denial. ...yeah, maybe denial is a stupid place to be. Or maybe the episode was just badly directed. But... I'm there. It's where I live.

Oh, and again with the soggy television, so this is all from memory.

ALIAS: it was about being needed )

the show must go on... (still with the spoilers) )

the miracle of streaming vids )
some interesting things (spoilers) )
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29 April 2006 @ 05:49 pm
I'm such a spoiler whore. I think I'm worse with spoilers this year than I was last year. So...

alias spoilers... )
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Congratulations Alias on your one hundred episodes! Yay! It's been fun, and I'm just sad it can't go longer. But there's still five more episodes and a slew of weekly reports to get through, so here we go.

Most Fucked Up Spy:

Because his head was beeping. And he's a beautiful, beautiful man who will probably never be on the show again. But deserves to be.

ALIAS: you're watching over us )
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20 April 2006 @ 01:34 pm
I'm listening to real music! :)


It was AMAZING last night. And for those of you who missed it (Lstar?) I will be posting weekly reports either later today or sometime tomorrow. 'Cause they were amazing.


very strange and not entirely unexciting ALIAS spoilers )

Well. That was fun. Look for Weekly Reports... probably tomorrow.
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19 April 2006 @ 11:47 pm
Most Fucked-Up Spy:

That's our SpyMommy! Who may or may not be just about the most despicable person on the face of the earth. But I like living in the Denial Bubble, and thus in my world, Irina is good, Nadia and Weiss will live happily-ever-after, and the Freplica really is dead.

ALIAS: it’s never simple )
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19 April 2006 @ 11:42 pm
Does anyone else find it kinda funny that there was just an episode of Lost with this same title?

Most Fucked-Up Spy:

Jack deserves it this week, for many many reasons which are disclosed within. So... enter, gentle reader, but don't expect Jack to be particularly gentle.

ALIAS: understand what I'm asking )
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I'm a horrible person. Or at least, a really terrible "Alias" viewer. I've been good with Lost, I swear! I had no idea that last night's ep was even going to be Hurley! I was shocked by the ending! I don't know who next week's ep is about (please not Jack....) - I don't know anything about Lost!

Alias, on the other hand...

Alias spoilers ahoy! )

Okay. Yeah.
I need food. And sleep. I hate Thursdays.
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31 March 2006 @ 03:21 pm
How behind am I on The Weekly Reports? I don't even want to think about it. Eh. It'll happen eventually.
Meanwhile, I was an incredibly bad Alias "spoiler-free" viewer, yet again. Hey, I'm doing really good with Lost! It's 'cause there aren't new Alias eps! *cries*

more on Alias - possible spoilers )
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I discovered a wonderful new talent: I can fit my entire body through a plastic coat hanger. Yes, this is what boredom at UCI leads to. But at least now I know: I can fit my entire body through a plastic coat hanger. And I felt the world needed to know this.

On a totally different note, I've successfully gotten through all five seasons of Angel. It totally rocks. And if Spike wasn't destined to be with Angel, he and Illyria would be the greatest couple ever. Other than Fred and Wes, what with the whole "soulmate" thing. Curse you, Joss! I hate you... and yet I love you... and yet I hate you... Curse you Joss Whedon!

On a slightly less different note, I was a very bad bad Alias viewer today. I couldn't help but check out upcoming guest stars. I know, spoiler free and all. But... I couldn't resist, and there's still a frickin month and a half to go! Happily, Nadia isn't the only one returning: the sexy Sark and the sexy Will also shall return (and apparently the former will be jumping into bed with everyone's favorite sociopath. No, not Sloane, you sick sick people!). Anna Espinosa and (Dance of Joy!) Irina will also come back. And I guess they're trying to get Francie back, although this I am less happy about. What with her being dead. And as much as I adored Francie, that story's over. Please, JJ, you're a genius, but move on. You've got a good thing going, don't spoil it just to get old people back. Unless it's really good. So all I can do right now is have faith. And be happy that Nadia, Sark, Will, Anna, and Irina are coming back. Hopefully Katya will be added to this list, 'cause that lady is too badass to be spending cancellation eternity in prison.
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Today was interesting. With Sarah' broken foot, it takes quite a bit of time to grab lunch. So Megan and I walked out of set design an hour early. Then, we went to Olive Garden for dinner.
Yum. I haven't had anything but Commons food for 8 weeks. I was dying inside, but now I'm stuffed full of very yummy cheesy pasta-y goodness.

However, not all in my world is sunshine and giggles. Besides the torrential rain that began late this afternoon and still persists, I have heard some very distressing news from ABC, on the topic of everybody's favorite spy drama. Yes, that's right. They've finally scheduled new episodes of Alias (at least so they say, the bastards). April 19th is the first new episode (well, two new eps back-to-back). There will then follow four consecutive weeks of new episodes, and then the exciting two-hour season finale. In total, this equals eight new episodes. Now, for those of us mathematically challenged, we might not have a problem with this. But for anybody with either a) a brain, or b) a calculator, distress cannot help but rear its ugly head.
Nine eps have aired. Eight eps are on the way. 9+8=17. You might ask yourself, "Aren't TV seasons usually 22 episodes, at least for any decent network drama?" And you'd be right. But as anybody with either a) a brain or b) a calculator can tell, 17 does not equal 22.
Alias is being ripped off. The fifth and final season of one of TV's best shows ever will be gypped of its final five episodes.
And five isn't even one of the magic numbers!

That's right. ABC will burn in the deepest depths of the Special Hell. Just like Fox.
They can bond there, together in eternal torment.

But, to make myself feel better, I will paraphrase a timeless movie: "We'll always have Season Two."
Of course, that really doesn't make me feel much better, because so much S2 only gets fully realized in S3 and S4, while we're slowly finding out this season that not all in S1 was what it appeared...
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09 February 2006 @ 10:25 pm
I need some serious moral support here. I have not seen new Alias in over a month, and the internet is rife with spoilers. Which I've given up. So... yeah. All I know is that Amy Acker's a regular and Nadia will be coming back. All I know. But there's more out there to know. It would be like watching Alias without actually seeing anything. And I need my Alias. It's like a drug.
I also have a cool new icon that I wanted to show off ;)

So Lady U and Lstar - some posting of some words of comfort and moral support would be greatly appreciated. Nonspoilerific comfort, of course ;). Because it grates on my soul! I went to Alias-Media today and they were talking about the countdown to the last ep and how ABC hasn't scheduled Alias yet but there's all kinds of scoop on the new eps that they're filming and GOD I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!!!!!
HELP! *pouts* pwetty pwease?
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