Kirsty Gillan is corrupting your children with her slatternly ways.

Sorry if I can't take your review seriously, Simon Gaskell. It might've helped if you'd, you know, bothered to learn the actress' name. ...Just sayin'.

...A small part of me is enjoying watching conservative media and fans getting their panties in a massive twist over The Problem Of Amy. And kind of wondering if Moffat's some kind of metatextual genius and he put in the Shocking And Racy Scene knowing it would cause great scandal to make us examine our own reactions to it. He probably didn't. But you never know.

other TV rambling )

But Doctor Who's been a-rockin', even if Amy Pond has corrupted my innocence. And I guess that's good enough.

Maybe one day I'll just make my own TV show so I can have one go the way I want. It will feature penguins heavily.
06 March 2010 @ 08:04 pm
It's been one year, three months, and six days since last I used my journal. "So," I thought, "I better come back with something massive and shiny to distract people from the fact that I've been so utterly AWOL." Well, I did no recaps, MST3Ks, obnoxious fangirling, or pointlessly in-depth analyses during 2009. I missed a whole year of fandom-related fandoming.

In light of that, allow me to distract you all from my long absence with a massive, shiny picspam of everything I wasn't recaping/squeeing about/pointlessly analyzing during 2009.

This is long and will hurt your dial-up.

2009 In Films )

2009 In Television )

So. I hope that distracted you all thoroughly. I'm gonna actually try to update every once in a while now.

Also I did most of the caps myself and it took forever to clean them up so if you want to use them for anything that's cool just please credit me thanks!
Too tired. And lazy. Coming up with something to say before the cut is hard. *dies and iz ded*

Bones, HIMYM, and PD )

I haven't caught up on Dexter, but HIMYM, Heroes, Bones, and PD were all really awesome this week. Too bad PD's on the brink of cancellation and I've barely slept since Saturday. Urghlhf *headdesk*

And I really shouldn't rp on no sleep, because trying to write Brennan when I'm sleep deprived? Bad idea. Bad, bad idea. I make very dumb typos, which Brennan would not make, and of course I can't go back to edit and fix them. Like 2017 and 2006? That's an 11-year difference, not a 19-year difference. Go me \o/
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17 November 2008 @ 05:26 am
No, I have not been on my personal lj in a whole week ;_;

Also no, I haven't posted my thoughts on any show but Heroes ;_;

Also also no, I haven't even started my Big God Damn Prompt Book for directing lab ;_;

Yes, I am going to stop complaining now and actually do all that stuff (except the BGDPB).

Dexter, HIMYM, PD, and Bones beneath the catch-all cut )
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10 October 2008 @ 02:16 am
The play I'm working on is seriously messing with my head. It's... deeply disturbing. One For The Road by Pinter. Find it. Read it. Enjoy the head-messing-with-ness of it.

I never want to hear "genital mutilation" and "Jesus" in the same thought ever again.

On a different note:

BONES: The He In The She )

PUSHING DAISIES: Circus, Circus )
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Went to open auditions last night. Didn't get called back :(

I guess I should be used to it by now, or something, but it still sucks. Also, no internet in the apartment til Monday. Luckily, all my classes today are lectures so I can sit in the back and be online. Mwahaha >.>


BONES: The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond )
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18 September 2008 @ 06:13 pm
Finger in the Nest: Hi, I'm the most depressing episode of Bones ever!
Aliens in a Spaceship: Ummm... hi. Remember me?
Finger in the Nest: GTFO BITCH >[
Aliens in a Spaceship: *crawls away crying*
Stargazer in a Puddle and Man in the Fallout Shelter: *raise hands shyly*
Finger in the Nest: Don't even try.

Maybe it's just because I'm a dog lover, but as the above conversation indicates, this was just about the most depressing episode ever.

BONES: Finger in the Nest )

On a different note: according to the Theory of All Fandoms Being The Same that Lady U got from somewhere... Flora Mary Veronica Elle Anderson-Lane-Mars-Bishop is a teenage prostitute grifter vampire, who I would like to add has a superpower: no, not lightning. The ability to bleed ridiculous amounts. She faked her death back in the Old West, only to wind up doing it again in the 1930's. She eventually became a private detective, and then realized she had the power to generate lightning and was all like, "WTF was I doing carrying this tazer around?" She decided to become a supervillain, and her secret alter-ego (ala Clark Kent) is Sarah Marshall, a TV star who has appeared in such hit shows as Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime, and Animal Instinct (both of which I would watch, btw, because anything called Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime has to at least be laugh-worthy).

Admittedly, this idea is pretty funny. Of course, by the same logic, Detective Lassiter is also a vampire, or at least some other kind of immortal. And Brennan should watch out in case Booth decides to suck her blood, especially if/when he discovers she's secretly married to Josh Lucas :/

And then we have some Heroes spoilers. angry penguins, doin' a dance )
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15 September 2008 @ 11:55 pm
[scrawled, shaking handwriting, written in brown ink that might actually be dried blood]

The internet is functioning with decreased regularity. Soon, I fear, it will leave me forever and I will be trapped here, alone in the dark... with the creatures. I must post this while I can, before the lights go out for good. Oh god, it's here! NOT THE MALFUNCTIONING ROUTER! GOD SAVE US ALL!



Okay, one random observation and one meme.
meme )
random observation )
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First: Bones. After Bones, rl whining.

BONES: The Man in the Outhouse )

Erm. Okay. Now for the rl stuff: internets. They've theoretically been fixed, more or less, but now the connection seems to go in and out at random intervals. Also, I finally got my butt in gear and started looking for monologues (in my defense, I'm procrastinating A LOT less than usual)! I also intend to get my butt in gear and get some solid work done on my thesis before the end of the weekend.

Unfortunately, I'm getting dragged to NYC tomorrow by my mother, so none of this butt-in-gearing will actually occur until Friday.

Although I do have one monologue. It's classical, which means I found it in ten minutes and adore it to bits. I fucking hate contemporary monologues. Can't I just be paid really well to read Shakespeare all day? Please? Pretty please?

In better news, I got a free ipod touch with my new computer. It is AWESOME. I'm debating naming it either Agent Morris or Kendall Casablancas. Probably Agent Morris. Agent Morris could kill you with her pinky. If my ipod touch had a pinky, it could kill you with it. It's like they're THE SAME THING O.o

some Landel's app pondering that Lady U might be able to help with )
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Me: Hi, episode recaplet! Long time no see!
Episode Recaplet: Hi Emmy! It's been a while, yeah. You haven't written one of me since the DW finale, and that was more of a novella!
Me: That's the truth!
Both: *cheesy laughter*

BONES: The Yanks in the UK )

So on the whole, I really liked it. Except Grayson.

P.S. Bones wins the First TV Show To Depict Incest Award. Yay?
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As everyone knows, I've been watching way too much Bones lately. I also got a lecture from my father last night on why the last three episodes of S3 sucked hardcore (yes, he included The Verdict in the Story in the "sucked hardcore" category). And yeah, I've been sort of over-analyzing it because I'm writing a Landel's app for the main character. And also yeah, I'm in the honors in dramatic lit program so I like to write in-depth analyses. So it comes to this.

An essay.

FYI: No spoilers for S4. Lady U can rest easy.

The Problem in the Procedural: A Bones Essay (With A Terribly Clever Title) )

in case you want to skip down to my new thoughts on the Zach-is-Gormagon's-apprentice-thing )

If any of that was a little nonsensical, I apologize. David Boreanaz has that effect.

PS. a slightly angry PS comparing Bones to Robin Hood )
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02 September 2008 @ 10:24 am
Happy September everyone! (Just pretend I'm posting this on the 1st >.>)

A few updates: I got a new computer. It is called Buffalo. Lady U's is called Muffin.

... Either it makes sense or it doesn't.

Meanwhile, NS is almost over and I was too busy yesterday playing with Buffalo to actually post. Why have I sucked this entire NS? WHY?

Also, on Bones, I've got an entire rant that I need to post before the premiere, but it needs be said that Max is really growing on me. I hope there's lots of him in S4, 'cause I'm a fan of the character. My parents really hate the actor who plays him, so it's not easy (because they always hover when I watch Bones... which is why it sucks to like the same shows your parents do), but I like him a lot. I also hope there's plenty of Russ, although I don't like him as much as Max :(

Just 18 days before PD on DVD! Whoo!

Now I need to do work. Because I'm at work.

Lady U: I hope you had a good flight! Call me if you want to do a video chat thing!
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Life decided to dump a lot of crap on me yesterday and I've been busy dealing with it, so I have not been able to do Challenge 3 or 4. Nor have I been posting for Rose (my only character besides Elle who's in play right now). FAIL IS ME!

At least Elle is bleeding in the brainpan now and therefore won't be moving ever again for the rest of NS.

Bones musings )

Meanwhile, if you click on one link today it should be THIS LINK. Because it's an unwritten rule that when my ships have their first kiss, they must film a passionate kiss that expresses their deep abiding love, and then air a chopped up version that's mostly offscreen and in no way shows how Brennan's gum got into Booth's mouth. And seriously. A whole flotilla indeed ;)

ETA: Bones spoilers ahoy )

In Landel's news, I'm 87% certain that I'll be apping Brennan. And then everyone will be like "Dude! You're TRILLIAN'S SISTER!" And then she will be like "OMGWTF I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS o.O" I was mostly swayed away from Mrs. C by an icon I found of Brennan huddling over a happy face mug and looking sort of pathetic, and another of Brennan looking at something that was probably Booth taking his pants off. And I was like, "Mrs. C doesn't make faces like that. Also, I need another sociopathic seductress like I need to not finish eating this cheesy bagel that I can't get enough of right now."

And that's my story.
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In defense of the events of the season finale of Bones, but a declamation against the method in which those events were presented, with copious comparisons to Buffy and Angel, because I'm a Whedon nerd.

Because I know Lady U is anal about spoilers ♥ I would like to note that this contains spoilers for the end of BtVS S6/beginning of S7 and the beginning of AtS S4 BOTH OF WHICH SHE'S SEEN. Don't worry Lady U - anything you haven't seen (post-Selfless and post-Spin the Bottle, yes?) will be left out.

cut for long, pointless, and bad Angel/Booth jokes )

So yes. That was long. And I know my lj-cut promised an Angel/Booth joke, but... I got nothing. So I'll just quote a bad joke from Doctor Who: "Shakespeare walks into a pub and the barkeep says 'Oi mate, you're bard!'"
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Doing giant skads of homework that are due in less than seven hours is for losers. Also I think an owl is eating a pigeon outside my window. THIS HAPPENS EVERY NIGHT. It's very weird.

HIMYM: Miracles )

BONES: The Pain in the Heart )

Oh, and P.S. Yes, "someone" died in this episode. I still hate that word. I would like to congratulate myself on a whole week of not using the word "someone" on my lj except specifically referring to DW or Bones spoilers.

BAH. I still have to read a play and do an analysis of it. In six hours. NEVER LET ME PROCRASTINATE LIKE THIS AGAIN.

I'd also like to point out that DW is not on this week due to Eurovision, but the BBC has promised another trailer and some goodies to make up for the gap. Ironic that in America, having two episodes in a row is the rarity.

EDIT: cut for Bones spoilers )
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Why does Bones insist on hurting my brain?

HIMYM: Everything Must Go )

BONES: The Wannabe in the Weeds )

My mood theme is really hypnotizing. But it's driving me crazy because I can't figure out which episode it's from. Anyone who tells me gets a cookie. I will actually bake you a cookie and mail it to you. That's a promise. You can trust me on this! *cheesy grin and waggling thumb* [/obscure Dr. Who quotes]
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Finished mah catching-up re: Monday night TV. Curse you, television, why must you run all my favorite programs at the same time?

HIMYM: Rebound Bro )

BONES: The Verdict in the Story )

also: BtVS/AtS-style (non-spoilery) wallpapers )
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28 March 2007 @ 11:03 pm
TV was unusually exciting this evening, but first...

but first... )
BONES: The Priest in the Cemetary )
LOST: Expose )
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Another update on the TV situation:

BONES: The Boneless Bride in the River )

LOST: The Man from Talahassee )

Robin Hood the Mini-Series )
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