I'm attempting to organize my life and suck less, and to that effect, I have made a to-do list for December. And I'm posting it here, because if other people know about it, they can heckle me if I fail. Also all my teachers in college were like, "To-Do lists really help you get stuff done. If you have a to-do list, you'll accomplish more, I promise." SO I'M TESTING YOUR PROMISE, COLLEGE PROFESSORS. Let's see how well I do. IF I FAIL, HOW ABOUT YOU PAY BACK MY STUDENT LOANS, PROFESSORS? HOW ABOUT THAT? No? Oh :c

- Get the rough draft of my WIP up to at least 75,000 words.
- Get at least 2 classical monologues and 2 contemporary monologues audition-ready.
- Stop procrastinating on work. Get work done early.
- Save up money and stop spending it on things I don't need.

- Eat less processed sugar.
- Eat more vegetables.
- Learn how to cook fish.
- Stop eating giant bags of Cheetos.

- Get my mile time down to 7 minutes or less.
- Practice playing power chords on the guitar and get a lot better at it.
- Get conversant in Irish.
- Get functionally fluent in French.
- Do more digital art projects for me.

- Walk Wiggles twice a day and take her for at least 2 short runs a day so she's less bored all the time :C
- Look into playcare so she can make some dog friends on chew on them instead of chewing on me all the time :C
- Work on her separation anxiety. Gradually accustom her to staying in her crate by herself so she can go in there an hour or 2 at a time.

- Beat at least 1 L4D campaign on expert without the use of an M60. This is obviously the least important thing on the list and probably won't happen.
- Play less tetris. Spend the time I usually spend playing tetris on doing the rest of the things on the list.
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A brief public service announcement, which the public will not be interested in and in fact does service to no one:

rant )

I guess the good news is that avoiding writing this essay finally urged me on to finish my Oktoberfest fic? So... I'll be posting that in the next day or two, as I suspect proofing is necessary. 'Cause of that whole thing about 2AM and good things not happening after it.

ETA: Now my roommate is waking up and is literally asking me, "Em, why haven't you slept?" Exact words.

... Am I honestly expected to answer that question? I haven't slept. There's nothing I'm gonna be but bitchy. I mean, I managed to be civil, but me + no sleep + no waffles = hideous bitch version of me. This is why I advise people not to talk to me for at least twenty minutes after I've first woken up. Not sleeping counts as having first woken up, except I'm in a constant state of not sleeping, and am therefore in a constant state of first waking up, and therefore should not be spoken to until I've taken a nap.

Note to self: never post while I'm in this mood again. I think it actively lowers my karma DX;
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Yesterday was certainly... interesting. I won't explain the above quote, but I will say that it's not from anything - it was generated by the conversation of three teenage girls, two of whom were deathly ill, sitting in a near-empty Denny's at 5 in the evening discussing politics, sex, and the emotional ravages of technology.

When I returned, I found myself in need of reading the lawsuit filed by the poultry industry against Roosevelt and his NIRA laws with particular emphasis on his codes of fair competition. I was so bored that I started cogitating on the following:

it's so boring/nerdish that it's hiding behind a cut in shame )
...and then I fell asleep.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!

PS. No new Bones this week! Woe is me! If anybody wants to make a fake episode of Bones and convince FOX to air it on Wednesday at 8, you will be my hero forever and ever. Double points if, in your fake episode, Booth and Brennan hook up. Quadruple points if Cam realizes that Zach is the true love of her life and there shall be no more naked!Booth for her. Sextuple points if you actually get David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, Tamara Traylor, and Eric Millegan to play Booth, Brennan, Cam, and Zach (respectively, although it could be fun if DB played Brennan and ED played Booth, for a change).
(BRENNAN: Booth, why are you suddenly so... short... and... girly?
BOOTH: Huh? Oh, I was busy being completely engrossed by my casework. I've memorized every syllable of the FBI codes and how's that forensic thing going?
BRENNAN: Uh... about that... I was thinking that instead of actually figuring out what the bones mean, we could just throw them at Cam!
BOOTH: But Cam's my secret lover!
BRENNAN: ... I thought lesbians only happened on soaps and Joss Whedon shows.
BOOTH: ... Excuse me while I memorize the Constitution. And the entire Encycopedia Britannica. Word for word.)
Hey, it could be fun... or not... fine... be that way...
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01 June 2006 @ 10:34 am
It's June! It's June! Hurray! Thank God! It's June! *dances and sings*
Happiness and joy, it's June!

PS. I had a race with Megan a couple of nights ago - who could get from her dorm to the ice cream place first? Well, she was in a car and I was on a bike. Guess who won? Me. Surprisingly. I was surprised. I won by over 7 minutes. :)
PPS. It's June! It's June! Praise the Lord! It's June!
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I discovered a wonderful new talent: I can fit my entire body through a plastic coat hanger. Yes, this is what boredom at UCI leads to. But at least now I know: I can fit my entire body through a plastic coat hanger. And I felt the world needed to know this.

On a totally different note, I've successfully gotten through all five seasons of Angel. It totally rocks. And if Spike wasn't destined to be with Angel, he and Illyria would be the greatest couple ever. Other than Fred and Wes, what with the whole "soulmate" thing. Curse you, Joss! I hate you... and yet I love you... and yet I hate you... Curse you Joss Whedon!

On a slightly less different note, I was a very bad bad Alias viewer today. I couldn't help but check out upcoming guest stars. I know, spoiler free and all. But... I couldn't resist, and there's still a frickin month and a half to go! Happily, Nadia isn't the only one returning: the sexy Sark and the sexy Will also shall return (and apparently the former will be jumping into bed with everyone's favorite sociopath. No, not Sloane, you sick sick people!). Anna Espinosa and (Dance of Joy!) Irina will also come back. And I guess they're trying to get Francie back, although this I am less happy about. What with her being dead. And as much as I adored Francie, that story's over. Please, JJ, you're a genius, but move on. You've got a good thing going, don't spoil it just to get old people back. Unless it's really good. So all I can do right now is have faith. And be happy that Nadia, Sark, Will, Anna, and Irina are coming back. Hopefully Katya will be added to this list, 'cause that lady is too badass to be spending cancellation eternity in prison.
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Is that how you spell Budapest?

...Anyway, Lady U, there are a few loverly M/I icons up over at [ profile] eternalstreams. So go there. Check them out. You might like one.

Right now, it's about 12:30am, and there appears to be some sort of party going on down the hall. Why me? Why in my dorm? Why not, say, ten or fifteen miles away? Why on a night when I don't have a headache and don't want to get some sleep? Why?

Enough complaining! The chinchilla had the read-through last night. They play turned out to be pretty short - only a one-act, really - and is only in one scene, so she need only go to rehearsal every once and a while. Which is kinda nice.

But not when they're throwing damn parties at 12:30am right down the hall!

Speaking of sleep, I need some.

'Night, all.
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07 December 2005 @ 09:58 pm
I watched Moulin Rouge today for the first time... in a very long time.

Very early this morning (around 1), I hallucinated that I had brought my keys with me when I left my room, went to see a show, got back, got confused because I didn't have my keys, wandered around looking for them for half an hour with my friend Sarah, got back - they were on my desk. Damn it.

Flight at 7:30 tomorrow morning. Urgh. Have to be up at five. Thus, no Weekly Report on this week's Alias ep (which was, sadly, only mediocre).

A few words for now:

~Sark is UNDERAGE! And very pretty.
~blonde-on-blonde. All I can say is - Peyton/Sark would work better. Love triangle????
~The first half was pretty good. The second half was anti-climactic and boring.
~I would have cared more if I cared about Blondie. But she whined when she got shot through the hand. umm.... did Nadia whine when she got, all in the same episode, kidnapped, branded, stuffed in a car trunk, stabbed in the stomach, and shot in the chest? No. Admittedly, she was unconcious for most of it, but she did not at all whine! Nadia is only whiny in As the Mueller Device Turns!
"But DAD, green is such an ICKY color for me!!!!"

signing off for now,
with my nifty new Rachel/Sark icon,
~the Mystical Chinchilla
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On another note: I'm done with classes for the quarter! And I know my schedule for the winter! It's shitty schedule, but that's okay...

said shitty schedule )

The above was a quote from "As the Mueller Device Turns: Bridging the Plot Holes." Just so nobody gets freaked out and thinks that we're gonna have Dixon-porn in S5.

But Sark-porn on the other hand... :P

more on Sark porn )

Also, I finished my Alias music vid, which I will subject Lady U and Lstar to when I get home :) ...
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27 November 2005 @ 07:18 pm
I've been listening to "Chess" obsessively. Why, I'm not sure. But me like :)
Anyway, I had no internet over the weekend. I get back, and this happens...

the second most important Alias news you will ever read; no spoilers )

Also... I had lots of turkey. I stayed with a friend of mine, and her family has two Thanksgivings, hence the chinchilla ate quite a bit of turkey.

I'm also behind on EVERYTHING.

Now I'm gonna go avoid doing my homework that's due tomorrow.
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23 November 2005 @ 12:12 am
I was just wondering if anyone knew the answer to this question:

Morning classes = kareoke at 12:15am. Why? And "because it's college" isn't good enough. I have a headache and I want some friggin' answers, as they say on Lost.

Speaking of which, the last two eps, which I finally got to watch today, were really bad. They would have been really good if I cared about Shannon and Ana, but I hate them both, so the eps were both really bad.

But Alias has rocked recently. Mostly because Ron and Mia ROCKED their scene. They acted complex figure-eights around Rachel and NotScott.
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My Crim TA really liked the fact that, on the pop quiz, I wrote that she got arrested for stealing goldfish from a pond in a public park. Her comment on my paper was, in large emphatic letter, "I was liberating them!" She said that my reason for her arrest was the best one in the class: "I would totally do that!" she said.

She went on to say that media fans moral panic, and if you watch TV you know what she's talkin' about. "Don't tell me you guys don't watch TV, 'cause I KNOW you don't do your crim reading!" she tells us.

On the way to class, I practically ran over this guy. I was biking along really fast, 'cause I was late, and he wasn't watching where he was going, and... yeah. But he was really sweet. And quite good-looking.

But ah well.

Anyway, I have a paper due tomorrow, I have to memorize some lines for tomorrow, and I have "journals" to write for tomorrow. There was something else, but I've forgotten it... Well, I have no crew tonight, and crew tomorrow is only from 7 to 11 (yay! only... four hours... FUCK!) so... yeah. I have plans to watch Alias with Convert #1 in about half an hour and plans to watch with Convert#2 and #3 this evening. Of course, this means that I'll have to watch House with them, but House is a decent enough show. With some pretty men. But no men are as pretty as the men on Alias (mmmm... Sark... who will be back in Dec...)

On a Lost note, Kate will apparently have a very hot-n-heavy kissing session with someone that is not the ever-sexy Sawyer, and will not be in flashback (thus ruling out her dead boyfriend, Thomas, who shares a name with Claire's boyfriend, Thomas). I'm voting for Sun/Kate. All the way. I'd say Kate/Ana-Lucia, but Ana-Lucia doesn't deserve Kate. She's a total bitch. Well, Kate's a total bitch, too... but... yeah. Ana-Lucia's an obnoxious bitch, Kate is a cool bitch. So... but wait. Sun/Jin! Argh. Maybe a Kate/Sun/Jin lovetriangle? Probably not. Probably boring old J/K is what it will be. Unless, as I very much hope, it was be Kate/Sayid, even though Nadia is Sayid's true love.
Speaking of Nadia, she's coming back next week! Hopefully she will be conscious!


By Nadia, I mean Syd's sister, not Sayid's girlfriend. Oh JJ, how you confuse us all...
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I made "As the Mueller Device Turns" icons. Lady U and Lstar - check them out at [ profile] eternalstreams!

I don't sleep anymore. What I do at night isn't sleeping. It's just an extended nap. I looked blearily at the clock this morning and thought, "Wow, it's 2am. If I go to sleep now, I can get four hours of sleep. That's a whole three hours more than I got this morning! That's such a long nap! Yay!" This is what I tell myself instead of "Oh dear lord... only four hours sleep? How can I live?" Because I don't sleep. I just nap.

Because those stupid elves don't show up to do my work for me and I have crew from 5 to midnight tonight. But anything's better than Saturday, which will be 11am-midnight, which is rather more than twelve hours. They *say* we're not slaves. Technically, no, the costume shop does not own deeds to our souls, and we're not going out into the field to pick cotton, but we live to wash other people's clothing. Which kinda sucks...

But on a good note, Convert#1 had definitely been converted. She is a true Believer. She loves Alias. It's a fact. She has been converted. I have suceeded. Convert#3 on the other hand... She will be converted. She just doesn't know it yet. Convert#2 wasn't watching with us today, but she was very upset when she found out that I had crew and thus couldn't bring Alias to her pad so we could watch. Heehee. Alias will rule all!

So... Convert#1 had this to say today:
"I was really busy but I realized I had to... [sees Michael Vartan] oh..."
"He [Jack]'s MEAN!"
"So who killed who again?"
"Does she [Nadia] KNOW that he [Sloane]'s really evil?"

Convert#3 had this to say:
"If it was night they would have night vision goggles, not flashlights."
"So they just HAPPEN to be eating outside? Okay... no they're inside. Okay."
[in response to Nadia saying "I'm not naive, I'm not deluded"] "Yeah you're naive if you believe what Assassins dude [Jack] tells you!"

So... I enjoy posting quotes by these people. They're funny. ;)

Anyway... I need to eat so I can go to crew. I have no particular plans to get out of bed before 4pm tomorrow.
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Yeah. I'm still listening to Phantom. Because it's been all of ten minutes since my last post. But I came across something that I felt I just had to post.

minor Alias spoilers ahoy )

On another happy note, the rap music has stopped.

Ah, my weekend is definitely looking up. Now I just need a magical little elf to come and write my paper for me, and I'll be all set.
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05 November 2005 @ 03:31 pm
Someone is playing rap music very loudly. All I can hear is the rhythmic "thud thud thud" of the bass. Some of us don't feel the need to burden others with our eclectic music tastes and thus use a wonderful little invention called "headphones," thus the reason that I'm the only one in the building who has to suffer through Emmy Rossum's singing.

Okay. Shes not that bad a singer. The point is that I have headphones, and even if I didn't these songs don't have bass. Unlike rap music. Which I loathe. Rap music is the bane of my existence.
Having gotten that little rant out of the way, I'm getting a headache from the insistent bass. I could find whoever's playing it and yell at them, but that would involve going around the entire building listening at doors. That is, going around on floors that are not mine, into suits that are not mine, and banging on doors that are not mine. I could exit the buliding and seek the solace and comfort of, say... the commons or the rec center, but... that would involve going all the way to the commons or the rec center and besides, I don't have wireless.

Where's Marshall when you need him? (to set up wireless on Sark, not to go around and find whoever's playing the rap music, 'cause he'd just get beaten up).

Anyway, rant seriously done with... and another rant on the way.

more on my weekend, for those with no life )

So yes. Oh, and Lady U. I emailed you. I did NOT hallucinate it. So email me back! I miss you!
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23 October 2005 @ 05:31 pm
So every once and a while everyone in the dorm who feels like it gathers in the common room and watches a movie. Usually, I miss out, either because it's a stupid movie and I don't want to watch it, or because I'm never in the common room and therefore never know when this sort of things goes on until my roomie comes back complaining about how she's going to have nightmares because OMG SAW IS FREAKY!

But last night we watched "Silence of the Lambs." It was a lot of fun. Reactions ranged from "Shut up! Hannibal is speaking!" to "I'm so confused. Scared as hell, but... so, so confused" to "Oh my God! Agh! Oh wait... never mind" to "Hah! She's SHORT!" to "That's... um... gross..." to, finally "If I have nightmares tonight, it's YOUR door I'm gonna be banging on at four in the morning!"
I was one of two people who had seen the movie recently enough to actually remember it, and we spent the movie making faces at each other. But then she ran away right before the basement squence. Admittedly, the basement seuqence is really scary, especially at one in the morning with all the lights of and someone making sucking noises from a corner of the room. And of course the Halloween decorations are up, so there are cobwebs and rather gooey rats all over the place, so that only added to the freakyness of it all. But still. It's the best part of the movie!

SotL is also, if you are someone studying film-making *cough*LadyU*cough*, a must. I WILL make you watch it soon, Lady U! You cannot escape!

It's overcast here, and rather dark at only 5:30. Which is sad. *tear*

But Oct25th is fast approaching, and for those who do not understand the significance of that date... A plague on both your houses! And no, it's not the anniversary of Mercutio's death! It's... :P wait and see, grasshoppers. You shall know the truth.

Now, I have many papers to write and very little time to write them in. So, tah.
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19 October 2005 @ 10:39 am
So I walk into class this morning, and Adrian is standing there enveloped in this massive, bright orange coat. It's like the guy is drowning. He takes the coat off, and his white wool bobble hat (I loathe bobble hats. People who wear bobble hats should be dipped in preservatives and tipped into a blender). He says that he was up at 2am, and really hoped his professors would go easy on him today. "Then," he says, "I thought, 'Hey. My students probably are up at 2am, too, and hope that I'll go easy on them today.'" He stands and stares at us. "FUCK THAT!" he shouts. "LET'S DANCE!" And he proceeds to do a very strange dance to Quasimodo's "Pap des Fous" song from "Notre Dame." I am sad to say that I, alone in the entire class, not only know that musical better than I would like to, but have also seen it on DVD. In all it's glorious oddness. Complete with pop-singer Esmeralda, rock-god Clopin, and other things that appear to be the staple of French musicals.

At any rate, LOST is on tonight, which is indeed very exciting, and I have convinced a friend of mine that she has no choice - she must succumb to the wonder that is Lost. I will convince her of the same thing about Alias in a week or two when I get my hands on the S4 DVD (complete with more incest than is healthy...) Of the Sl/N variety, of course, because J/Sy? That's just sick.
There are also too many people on Alias whose names begin with S. Sloane, Sydney, Sark, Scott... oh wait. Damn. He's not Scott. And if you want to get really weird, Santos. But nobody calls her Santos. Except maybe a very drunk Weiss, but he's allowed 'cause he's Weiss. He's also allowed to try to get Nadia in bed RIGHT in front of her big sister, who also happens to be able to kill a man at ten paces with a paperclip. Normally, this would be suicide. But he's Weiss. So it's tolerated.
That's really all I have to say.

Oh, and in Criminology yesterday (before I fell asleep), the professor ended up talking about crime in Buenos Aires, and I'm all like, "What, you wanna mention gardener-rapists and teenage street rats commiting armed robberies?" But no, apparently, he didn't. He talked about police corruption. Because he can't be bothered to tie the discussion into Alias. Bah.
I spit on him.

Well no, 'cause he's a cool guy, but still.


PS. Lady U! I am indeed sadened that the construction outside is more interesting than anything in the class. I have the same problem with my Prod Theory class, but we poor dramaramas as he calls us aren't lucky enough to have windows, let alone construction outside of them. But I feel your pain with the paper, and I very much hope that all goes well :) I have faith in your brilliance to come up with a thesis, and an actual research topic. And if you're really stuck, just talk about Alias. Or maybe not... :)
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18 October 2005 @ 03:10 pm
It's only Tuesday. And already my week sucks. I want next week to come (and not solely because S4 is out next Tues!!!!). So... yeah. So far this week (counting Sun, Mon, and Tues thus far) only about... one good thing has happened to me.


my crazy horrible week )
how DO you make a chinchilla? )

PS. I know I'm the only one that cares, but apparently Amy Acker originally auditioned (say that 10 times fast. I mean it. RIGHT NOW.) for Nadia. This was probably back in the day when she was still supposed to be German, before Mia Maestro audition for Kate (because everyone and their grandma's cat auditioned for Kate). So now Amy Acker is a baddie on Alias. She's Peyton.
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Last night, I rewatched this week's ep of Alias with Money. her reaction was: "Dude. She's lost her sister, and now her fiancee... I'd jump off a fuckin' bridge!" Money has such a wonderful way of phrasing things, I think. Afterwards, Money taught me how to skateboard...

... I fell off. A lot. Yeah. But I think I'm getting better. If only I don't completely fuck up the skateboard...
Good times.

I'm going now to see Proof. Expect a review of that later. :)
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"I set off fire alarms with CP Mellie" is apaprently the new dorm slogan. Oh yeah. See, the fire alarm went off today. Because Mellie was baking cookies. She may or may not have set them on fire...

PS. Lady U, can you tell me what that quote (subject line) is from and who says it? If you can't... shame upon your household.
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Classes today were boring. I had a 2hr. lecture on regional theater organization and how it differs from Bway and what a Master Electrician does. And then I had an hr-and-a-half lecture on crime rates in Oakland CA and got shown graphs demonstrating that Irvine is, like, the safest city anywhere and crime rates are ridiculously low here and it's like Stepford.

93 degrees here. That's right. And it's, like, snowing in Boston. I've drunk 3 bottles of water today. But I need to go eat. 'cause... yeah. I'm hungry.

To make up for all the bad karma I accumulated for making that NV icon, I made an NW icon. NW is the new Hr/R, except that, unlike Hermione and Ron, Nadia and Weiss actually get along. The biggest argument they've had was about whether or not Nadia truly understood the nature of bowling.

Alias dialogue )

Also, to placate Lady U, and in the possibly vain hope that she'll actually change her icon: here ya go:

Your very fav non-canon Alias ship!

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