I think I'm in love with Ian Bonar.

Anyway, detailed below are my thoughts re: GOING POSTAL: THE MOVIE in the form of word vomit.

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:/ In other fandom-related news, I sat myself down with a transcript of Silence in the Library and imagined my way through a few scenes with everything as is, except that Jane Seymour was playing River Song. ...I liked it rather better.

It's 2am, so I'll leave it there or you'll get a rant you really don't want.
I finished Thud! early this morning (by early, I mean around 11:30). A review is enclosed, with as few spoilers as possible. Also, I watched the commentary for H2G2. :) It was the director, the producer, Martin Freeman, and Bill Nighy. Can I marry Bill Nighy? Or can he come live under my bed? Pwease? The only really annoying thing was that the sound of the movie came back in every now and then while they weren't talking, even if it was just for a second that they were quiet, while sometimes it didn't do that at all. It was really starting to piss me off by the time the Vogons were blowing holes in Arthur's trailer.

Also, Trillian's shirt was explained. Like this:
Me: It's Zaphod's shirt! That's why it's weird! It has 3 sleeves!
Lady U: *pause* She's a trollop.

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PS. I'm going to college tomorrow, and my parents have been nagging me nonstop. "Is this clean?" "Have you memorized this monologue?" "No, don't sit down for five minutes, organize this!" Grrrrr.
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12 August 2005 @ 06:43 pm
Quote of the Moment:
H: "Do you want to move a bit closer?"
R: "Huh?"
H: " the Shrieking Shack, I mean."
D: "Well, well. Look who's here. You two shopping for your new dream home?"
~Hermione, "Ronald," and Draco, PoA

Why do I ship them? Why?

But anyway. I went to work today. And then heibei blackmailed me with telling Schatzie that I wouldn't go play D&D with them if I didn't go play D&D with them. But instead I decided to stay home and be boring.

I also had pound cake for dessert. Mmmmm, pound cake. Unfortunately, it wasn't very good pound cake.

Justin sent me a teabag through the post. I assume this was a "get well" gesture, seeing as it was sent through the post, not telekenises, and thus couldn't have anything to do with our world domination plans of yesterday.

Despite what you say, Lady U, Vimes/Angua is quite defininately a real ship. Maybe not a *canon* ship, but definitely real. I know, since I ship them. I also ship Angua/Carrot, so I'm conflicted, but yes, V/A is a real ship. VIMES AND ANGUA FOREVER!

On the Alias spoilers front that I try desperately to avoid, well.. for today I have succeeded.
I succeeded a little less well in avoiding voting for the Golden Tater Awards.
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Hermione likes the smell of freshly mown grass and Harry is attracted to a woman who smells like flowers... And it only took him half a decade, but *Ronald* finally realized that Hermione was a girl...

R/Hr! I have seen the light! It is THE ship!

As far as Alias goes, though, my feet are still firmly planted on the dark path... Sloane/Nadia all the way! (yes, S/N is canon)

But the ship that will forever live in my heart no matter what network television throws at it: Sharona/Disher.

I need to go pout now because Sharona/Disher is no longer canon. Stupid USA...

PS. Vimes/Angua!
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