Just messing around with the graphics tablet I got for Christmas. I still haven't completely got the hang of it, but LOOK: I drew a bunny!

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Dr. Who Spam Post Of Doom.

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That was it, really.

EDIT: More Who spam! I can has wallpapers nao?

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10 March 2008 @ 03:55 am
WOW! It's 4 in the morning and I AM BORED. ... yeah, you all know what that means. BUT! For all the one MILLIONS of people who asked casually CLAMORED to see some of my fanart... here are a couple doodles (and you don't need to know the fandom they're from to just check them out). In my defense: they are all actually doodles that I doodled because I was bored in class.

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That's it, really.

signing off for now,
~the Mystical Chinchilla
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I am incredibly bored and my roommate insists on leaving the door open when she leaves the room, causing a draft because the window is also open, and the door is too far away for me to bother to get up to shut it.

In other news, I saw Orpheus Descending last week, and it was amazing. Tonight I'm seeing Kiss Me Kate. Whether or not it will be amazing has yet to be determined. And last night I ate at Olive Garden again and stuffed myself with a rather insane amount of food. Love it there. Megan has decided I need to get out more often, because I instinctively reached for the center of the table, expecting to find a plastic dispenser with paper napkins. Which, when I think about it, is sad.

But. No more of food, or I'll get hungry again and there's nothing good at Commons tonight so I'll have to make do with an ancient potato and maybe some pizza... and just thinking about it makes me want to cry. On to my boredom and what it results in:

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PS. What's with the lack of new Lost? I'm starting to feel like ABC really hates its viewers. First it was the Olympics, now it's American Idol... what next? A dog show? Reruns of The X-Files? God. Strike ABC down with a lightning bolt, but only after making sure that there's another station willing to pick up Lost and the last eight eps of Alias.

PPS. APRIL 19TH! And it's been confirmed that Will, Nadia, Anna, and possibly (crosses fingers) Irina will be back! Yay! Hopefully they won't try to ressurect the Freplica, though, 'cause that would just suck. Peyton, Anna, and Renee happily fill the quota of evil chicks needed to plague Sydney's life. Okay, Renee's not actually evil, as such, but she's really too badass to be one of the goodguys. Jack's the only goodguy who's that badass, and we're not actually sure about him... (I still think he kidnapped Vaughn and shipped him off to a little tropical island to be Katya's love slave... shut up I'm not crazy)
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