06 March 2010 @ 08:04 pm
It's been one year, three months, and six days since last I used my journal. "So," I thought, "I better come back with something massive and shiny to distract people from the fact that I've been so utterly AWOL." Well, I did no recaps, MST3Ks, obnoxious fangirling, or pointlessly in-depth analyses during 2009. I missed a whole year of fandom-related fandoming.

In light of that, allow me to distract you all from my long absence with a massive, shiny picspam of everything I wasn't recaping/squeeing about/pointlessly analyzing during 2009.

This is long and will hurt your dial-up.

2009 In Films )

2009 In Television )

So. I hope that distracted you all thoroughly. I'm gonna actually try to update every once in a while now.

Also I did most of the caps myself and it took forever to clean them up so if you want to use them for anything that's cool just please credit me thanks!
You can tell I've reached the height of laziness when my subject line is the same quote as my icon.

My initial reaction to Heroes: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


After begging my awesome roommate to reassure me that what I saw was some kind of horrible lie and she said she might not be able to watch the ep til Friday: [censored]

Honestly? This week was so screwed-up that I very much need to write one of my summaries-with-pictures, because frankly... damn. Logic, common sense, and continuity are all things of the past. Fo' shizzle. It's begging to be MST3K'd.

Peter/Nathan/Haitian were the best part of the ep.

Oh, and Haitian's real name? B.A.M.F. TRUFAX.

Hey, so it turns out that there's this exam I have to take for my directing class, which Doc Awesome (er... my professor), is all like, "This is the director's version of the BAR." So... I'm gonna go study. And possibly just fall over dead. And then maybe resurrect myself and go hurt Tim Kring.
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25 November 2008 @ 03:50 am
I really shouldn't make a habit of these, but yes: it's another image-heavy Heroes recap, ala the one I did for Villains. This one is even more ridiculous and lengthy than the last, what with me writing it at 4 in the morning :[

This week reminded me of how pretty everyone on this show is, thus... this. And of course it's all different pictures, because reusing would be cheating. And... well... might as well show different examples of their prettiness. Y/n?

Oh, and [ profile] hebei? This one includes that Very Important Subplot I forgot about last time ;) (just skip down to the second cut)

HEROES: The Eclipse, Part 1 (Now With More Puppets) )

that important subplot He Bei reminded me about... )

And if anyone's managed to read through all that (or just skipped ahead ^^;), here are my actual thoughts on the episode:
thoughts )
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24 November 2008 @ 10:24 pm
So I'm doing that picture recap thing again for Heroes, but that takes a long time and I needed to give a quick shout-out to whoever wrote this episode for remembering that Elle is a psychotic manipulative bitch. Honestly, my rp muse was getting seriously emo, and now it's BACK. Thank you, writer of this ep \o/ *goes to post at Landel's, 'cause hardcore Elle muse is back hardcore*

Also, Baby!Hiro wasn't as obnoxious as I thought it would be.

But more on Heroes when I get my butt in gear and give y'all pretty pictures.

HIMYM: Naked Man )

Oh, and as soon as I have some time on my hands, expect a massive image-heavy post about my great undying love for PD and how much I hate ABC for ravishing and destroying the magic and beauty that was Wednesday night. Shhh, Bones moves around. Plus, there's nothing magical or beautiful about cooking corpses in airplane microwaves.
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In two weeks, on Heroes...

spoilers for 3x12 )

In much less spoilery news, I convinced my roommate, who is awesome and hilarious, to watch Heroes 3x08: Villains with me. Bonus: she was slightly drunk.

Keep in mind she has no clue who any of the characters are.

Sarah's thoughts on Villains )

ETA: Poll \o/ Just to... amuse myself. Who do you think is Baby Noah's mother?

[Poll #1303177]
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18 November 2008 @ 05:30 am
This week on Heroes... Papa Petrelli makes an S&M porno, Peter teaches Flint that fire isn't always fun, and Mohinder grows trolls in his basement.

HEROES: It's Coming )

ETA: It just struck me that the Sylar/Elle scenes this week were very reminiscent of the "yellow crayon" bit from S6 of Buffy. Methinks Kring has been rewatching his Whedon, 'cause Sylar and Elle have been reenacting every great Whedon love story. Next week: they are cute and schmoopy on a balcony until Knox unleashes the spirit of the ancient deity he worships, which can only be brought to life by killing Elle slowly and painfully. Sylar stabs Knox repeatedly, but Elle dies anyway. But that's okay, 'cause the week after that Arthur will bring her back from the dead and she'll haunt Sylar's dreams and they'll wind up having hate!sex in a hotel room, and that's how Baby Noah is conceived. Nine months later, Elle kills herself to save her newborn son in a rainy alley while Sylar cries pathetically and HRG blows shit up.
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Elle = PIE HO.

Yes, that was a plug for Pushing Daisies.

Originally inspired by [ profile] katiria and re-inspired by [ profile] hebei, I bring you:

HEROES: Villains, A Recaplet For The Uninitiated (With Pictures and TL;DR Galore)

This was brought about because I felt the need to share with everyone the moral lessons imparted by this episode, namely: If you follow orders, you will become a villain; if you spaz out and set a train car on fire, you will become trailer trash.

HEROES: Villains (With Pictures and TL;DR Galore) )

for anyone who actually watched Heroes... )

ETA: On a re-skim to make sure I didn't miss anything important, I realized the Sylar/Elle plot was totally Season 2 of BtVS, where Elle was Buffy, Gabriel/Sylar was Angel/Angelus, and HRG was angry post-Jenny!Giles. Just with a skeevy threesome instead of an artsy sex scene.

ETA2: In all the joking about Elle being one of the Pie Hos, the pie itself escaped my notice. First Pushing Daisies, then Bones, now Heroes? What is TV's sudden obsession with seduction!pie?
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30 October 2008 @ 11:30 pm
Is that (the quote in my subject line) somehow a reference to Veronica Mars? Someone?

angry rping-type penguins )


You knew it was coming. The big "I finally officially got on the Sylar/Elle bandwagon" post, complete with pictures and stuff and things.

angry spoilery sociopath-shipping-type penguins )

On the RL front, I'm really glad to have a ton of work, but I've got four rehearsals tomorrow. Straight from 11am-9pm. NO REALLY. IT HURTS MY SOUL. Three of them are for lab scenes, which oughta be a party, and hopefully I'll be able to finagle my directors into letting me out a bit early so I can. Ya know. Eat. And then Opening Night Saturday! \o/ I'm on lights for opening, and I'm actually a lot more nervous about that than I've ever been about acting. Even though it's the least tech-heavy show in the history of ever. But... break a leg to mah awesome cast, for they are of the rocking kind.
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One of the (many) things that bothers me about critics is when they take their personal preferences and dress them up like facts.

No, not everyone is going to like everything. You may have reasons for disliking something, and they may be very deep, intelligent, well-thought-out reasons, and you have every right to express them. But they're not fact. They're opinion.

FACT: Zachary Quinto has eyebrows.
OPINION: Zachary Quinto's eyebrows are freakier in S3 of Heroes than they were in S1.

FACT: Hayden Panettiere, Ali Larter, Kristen Bell, Jessalyn Gilsig, Brea Grant, and Ashley Crow are ALL BLONDE.
OPINION: S3 of Heroes sucks.

So here's my opinion of S3 of Heroes, why I like it, why I dislike Nathan and Maya, and why Elle has NOT nailed every guy on Level 5. My reasons involve Carl Jung and the sleep-deprived high I was on in drama history class, so they might be slightly more pretentious/esoteric/downright bizarre than "all the actors are magically buff for no reason!" But I acknowledge that the reason I like S3 is because I like Jungian archetypal reversals, while many do not, and it is therefore opinion

angry penguins, coming for your children in the night! )

Wow. That was long and pointless. I discover more reasons every night why I shouldn't be allowed near the computer after 2 in the morning.
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20 October 2008 @ 05:57 pm
A quick note on the rp front: Willow/Tara reunion is pretty much the most heartbreaking thread ever. Oh, and Simon Tam is having girl problems at TLV. Why? Because Elle spoke to him. I think she traumatized him. Ethan Rayne, on the other hand, thinks she's hawt. But... uh... not gonna happen, Ethan. Elle just wants someone to electrocute o__o

And TV:

DEXTER: All In The Family )

HEROES: Dying Of The Light )

This is about halfway through the volume, so I thought I might as well catalogue all the things I like about this volume so far and all the things I dislike. There seems to be a lot of debate as to whether the new direction is working or not, and this my take on it: angry genetically advanced super-powered penguins )

I miss Bones. FOX is lame. I want waffles.

Mmmmm... waffles.
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Due to being insanely busy, I've gone a very long time without posting. So I'm making up for it with a Very Long Post Of Doom.

[Poll #1280866]

If you checked anything other than option C, "go to sleep," YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG >:[

A few nights ago, I did two of those things after 2AM. One was option A. I'll leave it up to the imagination what the other one was >.>;

Long story short, Ted Mosby was right when he said nothing good ever happens after 2AM. Especially fanfiction. 'Cause after 2AM is when the really crazy pairings come out to play. Oh, you thought I was into some weird pairings? You laughed at me when I mentioned Anya/Hallie and Debra/Batista?

Try Ned/Elle on for size. Oh yes. I went there. I went there, I distilled the thereness of there, and I put it here and here here. And it was weird.

I mean, honestly, these pairings came from me putting a bunch of characters through a randomizer, I didn't come up with them, but still... Weird.

meme )

In other news, I stumbled across a comm dedicated to Heroes personal canon, and there are a couple gems:

angry penguins )

Aaaand... of course, TV. 'Twas quite good his week.

DEXTER: The Lion Sleeps Tonight )

HIMYM: Intervention )

HEROES: Angels & Monsters )

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I'm making an entire post about ONE promo pic? You shouldn't be surprised. I've been known to make whole posts about nothing at all.

angry penguins )

ETA: I've never been unduly impressed with Heroes' continuity team, but really. It's been how long since Sylar tore open Elle's head? Last we saw her, she had about seven sutures and a massive scar on her forehead. Now look. No, I was not just looking for an excuse to link to that picture again. I swear, she's got a secret stash of cheerleader blood somewhere that she dips into whenever she needs it. And WOW, did that sound wrong :/
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Three things I noticed when rewatching a scene from Cautionary Tales for the purposes of... uh. Rehashing it?

Cut for angry penguins. Angry SEXY penguins? )

In other news.... yeah. I got nothing. Pointless post was pointless.
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07 October 2008 @ 01:14 am
Welp. The baby was blonde, at least? :| Geez, Peter, you couldn't have been a LITTLE curious about who was crazy enough to be nailing Sylar and, ya know, ASKED WHO THE BABYMAMA WAS?

HEROES: I Am Become Death )

HIMYM: I Heart NJ )

I also saw SNL's version of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton's address, and their version of the Vice-Presidential Debates. They win SO HARD. I think Tina Fey is a better Sarah Palin than Sarah Palin.

Clinton: I believe that diplomacy should be the cornerstone of any foreign policy.
Palin: And I can see Russia from my house!

No, that's not my subject line. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?
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Okay, so I was admittedly cranky last night/this morning. But not without cause. I was trying to take a nap this afternoon, to make up for all the lost sleep, and my roommate comes in, not once, not twice, but three times and wakes me with door-slamming, machine-beeping and talking on her phone for ten minutes. The last one caused words. They were polite, civilized words, which I'm proud of, because I was really cranky.

Anyway. I found some new and exciting Heroes spoilers. spoilers, mostly about that blonde psycho )

And now I need to go eat dinner, because I have rehearsal soon. Yay for rehearsal!
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Some Heroes macros. Because I was inspired and bored, which is, as we know, a very bad combination.

Cut for penguins so angry, they're frothing at the mouths and plotting to attack Fort Knox. )

I apologize for polluting everyone's brains.

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My new roommate snores. Like an avalanche descending upon an unheeding herd of elephants stampeding over a crowd of particularly loud lemmings, she snores. It is my tragedy that I am a painfully light sleeper, and thus am awake at 1:30 in the morning, when I had hoped to be asleep by 10.

But that allowed me to find, watch, and comment upon certain TV shows.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: The Greatest Burger in NYC )

HEROES: One of Us, One of Them )

And of course I loved that Daphne called Hiro "Pikachu," as that's Eddie's nickname for Elle over at Landel's. And honestly... it suits her better. What with the... electricity. And all. Yeah, I had to look Pikachu up >.> How was I supposed to know he generated electricity?
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For the record: Jack Coleman, aka Heroes' HRG, turned 50 years old last February. You ask me, he looks about 40.

I also need to apologize to Jessalyn Gilsig, whose name I horribly mangled in my last recaplet D:
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24 September 2008 @ 01:25 pm
Yup. Heroes. I finally got to see the premiere \o/

And it didn't disappoint. Mostly. I would like to point out one important fact:

Elle said she could take down Sylar. No one believed her. OH WHAT NOW BITCHES. Elle took down Sylar, and it was amazing. Though it must be conceded that he gave her a shiny head wound to go with her Magical Disappearing Bullet Wound.

HEROES: The Second Coming/The Butterfly Effect )

What I learned from this episode: No, you really CAN'T cut open a woman made of lightning and not expect something bad to happen. WAY TO GO, SYLAR. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT. Next time, take a cue from Powers Boothe and beat Elle about the head a few more times before you fuck with her shit.

ETA: if you didn't know Elle was my favorite character... )
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21 September 2008 @ 06:49 pm
\o/ Off to California in the morning! It's exciting times...

You know you and your dad are actors when your mom says, "Don't leave your dishes here!" and you say, "What?" and your dad says, "Strike your dishes to the kitchen," and you immediately do that :/ I also worked with him on my monologues, and it was a bit weird, taking direction from my dad. He helped a lot, though. It also helps that he knows the plays way better than I do.

As far HEROES goes (ZOMG PREMIERE TOMORROW)... I must, tragically, miss the premiere. We have no cable in the apartment yet! TRAGEDY! GREAT AND EPIC TRAGEDY!

But before the premiere airs, I would like to lay down a couple theories that will doubtless be proven correct (and no, none of these are things I actually know will happen, like, from sources - but I know they'll happen in my gut).

no spoilers, just braaaaiiiiinz )

I am willing to put cashy money on Points 1, 3, 7, and 5 the half of 4 where HRG is Elle's biodad. 'Cause I speak trufax.

And, of course, it is now time for the final dayshift tally on my characters.

mildly annoyed penguins )
...Good times.
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