I've been without electricity in my house for three days now. I'm doing my best to not let the non-stop cold and cold water and lack of internet or electronic entertainment or hot food interrupt my life, but have had minimal success. It wasn't the fury of nature or the machinations of chance that took our power away, though. Oh no, it was the power company. They looked around and saw this one block of houses clinging to light and heat and said, "AHAHAHA no." And they took our power away :(

I'm still doing NaNo, but I haven't had a chance to type up the things I've written so I have no idea what my word count is (the site says I'm on track to finish in 2057). I'm guessing I'm at about 2000 right now, and I'll be working on it again later tonight to try and make up for not really doing anything on Tuesday. I WRITE BY FIRELIGHT NOW. I feel like I should be using a quill and parchment to really get into the spirit of things.

Last night, as we huddled around the fire, my mother played some Irish folk music on her ipod, and I imagined I was living much as my ancestors did (except for the ipod). My mom's reaction was basically, "Haha, your ancestors lived in mud huts and were oppressed by the British. This is how they wished they lived."

I've finally managed to abuse my privilege as the daughter of a professor, and am currently camped out in the UConn library, using my father's internet id and parking space. But they close in an hour and a half. What will I do when the darkness comes again? At least tomorrow, my dad's boss says we can use her office, so hopefully we'll be able to sneak Wiggles in there and camp out using the internet and enjoying the warmth all day. That will be nice. Then, maybe, in a few days, we'll have electricity back and will be able to camp out in our OWN house enjoying the internet and warmth. ...Maybe :/

ETA: I typed up what I wrote yesterday and entered in my word count, and I'm now on track to finish in January 2012. Hurray! That's a big improvement over the year 2057.
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21 November 2010 @ 03:46 am
At 2:45am on Nov. 20th, I officially finished my 50,038 word NaNoWriMo novel! Now I dance.

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