03 September 2011 @ 04:22 pm

So the boxhound went to the vet yesterday, and the vet said she was about 18 weeks old, and given her current size, she probably wouldn't get much bigger than 30lbs.

So. Greyhounds are, like, twice that size, as are boxers, meaning that she probably isn't half greyhound, but rather half whippet. She can no longer be a boxhound :(


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Due to being insanely busy, I've gone a very long time without posting. So I'm making up for it with a Very Long Post Of Doom.

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If you checked anything other than option C, "go to sleep," YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG >:[

A few nights ago, I did two of those things after 2AM. One was option A. I'll leave it up to the imagination what the other one was >.>;

Long story short, Ted Mosby was right when he said nothing good ever happens after 2AM. Especially fanfiction. 'Cause after 2AM is when the really crazy pairings come out to play. Oh, you thought I was into some weird pairings? You laughed at me when I mentioned Anya/Hallie and Debra/Batista?

Try Ned/Elle on for size. Oh yes. I went there. I went there, I distilled the thereness of there, and I put it here and here here. And it was weird.

I mean, honestly, these pairings came from me putting a bunch of characters through a randomizer, I didn't come up with them, but still... Weird.

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In other news, I stumbled across a comm dedicated to Heroes personal canon, and there are a couple gems:

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Aaaand... of course, TV. 'Twas quite good his week.

DEXTER: The Lion Sleeps Tonight )

HIMYM: Intervention )

HEROES: Angels & Monsters )

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Yup, another layout! It's a party!

I swear, I'm keeping this one for a while.

I'm also in the midst of redesigning my profile page, 'cause it's not like I have anything better to do OH GOD MY THESIS D8;;

Anyway, here's the usual "what should my header be?" poll:

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The theme of this post is certainly fictional daddy issues (and the Electra Complex or should that be ELLEctra Complex ;P). But first: my new layout! Thanks to the input of [ profile] i_hate_possess, a nice young fellow named Charlie Prince, it's Reefer Madness. Yes, I really do listen when people give me input hint hint respond to all my polls >.>

And now some super-awesome recaps and spoiler discussion.

MONK: Mr. Monk and the Genius )
MONK: Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever )
MONK: Mr. Monk Takes a Punch )
MONK: Mr. Monk is Underwater )
PSYCH: Murder? ...Anyone? ...Anyone? ... Bueller? )
PSYCH: Daredevils! )
PSYCH: The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable )
PSYCH: Disco Didn't Die. It Was Murdered! )

And now for the good stuff! YES! Dexter S2 out on DVD today! I can't get it until later, but I WILL. And in honor of the glorious day, I got myself all caught up on Dexter S3 spoilers. Alas, it's not airing until the end of September. But the trailer looks AWESOME.

1st trailer: FUCKING CREEPY. Everyone should watch this, even if you don't watch Dexter. It's kind of amazing.
2nd trailer: Actual. Ya know. Plot. And stuff.

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In other news, Julie Benz is adorable.

Finally, we come to Heroes. Ah, Heroes. I've mostly only been reading up on the fates of Sylar and Elle (because we all know I wuv me some villains), and there's some interesting buzz happenin'.

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P.S. Thanks for turning me on to Pandora, guys! I'm actually hearing music now :D
P.P.S. What's with all these allegations of people dating their onscreen relatives? Hayden Panettiere and her onscreen uncle Milo Ventimiglia, Michael C. Hall and his onscreen sister Jennifer Carpenter, and weirdest of all: David Tennant and his onscreen daughter (and real-life daughter of his onscreen former incarnation) Georgia Moffet. I don't have a problem with these relationships, if they're really real and not just tabloid hype, but so many? Is it a new fad?
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As I suspected and feared, I have yet another new layout because my layout attention span is indeed decreasing exponentially.

However, there's no shiny new header for this one. YET. There will be. OH YES, there will be. And I'm going to put up a poll about it, because THAT'S HOW BORED I AM. And... and yes. I've never put up a poll before.

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And now, for the final Dayshift tally on mah characters, and the super jawsome Nightshift they've got ahead.

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But now I'm tired and I have to get up for work on the lobster boat in the morning. Gotta get out early to catch the prime lobster, dontcha know ;) So to sleep. And there's a weird dream that needs retelling, but I'll get to that tomorrow (but somebody may need to remind me >.>).

ETA: And now that I'm awake in possession of enough brain function to type on the computer, here's that weird dream:
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