06 March 2010 @ 08:04 pm
It's been one year, three months, and six days since last I used my journal. "So," I thought, "I better come back with something massive and shiny to distract people from the fact that I've been so utterly AWOL." Well, I did no recaps, MST3Ks, obnoxious fangirling, or pointlessly in-depth analyses during 2009. I missed a whole year of fandom-related fandoming.

In light of that, allow me to distract you all from my long absence with a massive, shiny picspam of everything I wasn't recaping/squeeing about/pointlessly analyzing during 2009.

This is long and will hurt your dial-up.

2009 In Films )

2009 In Television )

So. I hope that distracted you all thoroughly. I'm gonna actually try to update every once in a while now.

Also I did most of the caps myself and it took forever to clean them up so if you want to use them for anything that's cool just please credit me thanks!
Too tired. And lazy. Coming up with something to say before the cut is hard. *dies and iz ded*

Bones, HIMYM, and PD )

I haven't caught up on Dexter, but HIMYM, Heroes, Bones, and PD were all really awesome this week. Too bad PD's on the brink of cancellation and I've barely slept since Saturday. Urghlhf *headdesk*

And I really shouldn't rp on no sleep, because trying to write Brennan when I'm sleep deprived? Bad idea. Bad, bad idea. I make very dumb typos, which Brennan would not make, and of course I can't go back to edit and fix them. Like 2017 and 2006? That's an 11-year difference, not a 19-year difference. Go me \o/
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17 November 2008 @ 05:26 am
No, I have not been on my personal lj in a whole week ;_;

Also no, I haven't posted my thoughts on any show but Heroes ;_;

Also also no, I haven't even started my Big God Damn Prompt Book for directing lab ;_;

Yes, I am going to stop complaining now and actually do all that stuff (except the BGDPB).

Dexter, HIMYM, PD, and Bones beneath the catch-all cut )
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Due to being insanely busy, I've gone a very long time without posting. So I'm making up for it with a Very Long Post Of Doom.

[Poll #1280866]

If you checked anything other than option C, "go to sleep," YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG >:[

A few nights ago, I did two of those things after 2AM. One was option A. I'll leave it up to the imagination what the other one was >.>;

Long story short, Ted Mosby was right when he said nothing good ever happens after 2AM. Especially fanfiction. 'Cause after 2AM is when the really crazy pairings come out to play. Oh, you thought I was into some weird pairings? You laughed at me when I mentioned Anya/Hallie and Debra/Batista?

Try Ned/Elle on for size. Oh yes. I went there. I went there, I distilled the thereness of there, and I put it here and here here. And it was weird.

I mean, honestly, these pairings came from me putting a bunch of characters through a randomizer, I didn't come up with them, but still... Weird.

meme )

In other news, I stumbled across a comm dedicated to Heroes personal canon, and there are a couple gems:

angry penguins )

Aaaand... of course, TV. 'Twas quite good his week.

DEXTER: The Lion Sleeps Tonight )

HIMYM: Intervention )

HEROES: Angels & Monsters )

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10 October 2008 @ 02:16 am
The play I'm working on is seriously messing with my head. It's... deeply disturbing. One For The Road by Pinter. Find it. Read it. Enjoy the head-messing-with-ness of it.

I never want to hear "genital mutilation" and "Jesus" in the same thought ever again.

On a different note:

BONES: The He In The She )

PUSHING DAISIES: Circus, Circus )
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I sincerely apologize for beginning my post that way. My brain has ceased to function properly. Also, please disregard the beginning of the last post - I was being needlessly melodramatic. The internet worked fine all day. *internet promptly crashes*

Anyway. I discovered something incredibly amusing (to me, which means it's boring/dumb/nonsensical to the rest of the world). You know you want to find out what it is... if you're Lady U. )

That totally aside, I also got the Pushing Daisies S1 DVD today! Yay! cut for angry undead penguins )
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