Halfway through December, let's check in with my progress on my list:

- Get the rough draft of my WIP up to at least 75,000 words.
      I'm stuck at 40,000 words. Curse this writer's block! But I did do this. That's three-fifths of my novel, in notecard-and-string format. I couldn't do the other two-fifths 'cause they wouldn't fit on the corkboard. But that's gotta count for something.

- Get at least 2 classical monologues and 2 contemporary monologues audition-ready.
      I've picked and memorized 2 classical monologues, but I still need to find contemporary monologues. Curse my love of Shakespeare to the exclusion of all the playwrights who came after him!

- Stop procrastinating on work. Get work done early.
      I'm really blocked. All block, all the time. But I'm doing my best.

✓ Save up money and stop spending it on things I don't need.
      I think I can check this off. I haven't bought anything except food all month. Although...

      No. Cookies are necessary.

- Eat less processed sugar.
      I've cut down. A bit. Not a lot. But a bit.

- Eat more vegetables.
      I'm eating more than I used to, but it's still not exactly a lot.

- Learn how to cook fish.
      Not yet. BUT I WILL.

✓ Stop eating giant bags of Cheetos.
      Success! He Bei, assuming I remain strong, there is a bag of Cheetos awaiting you when you return Stateside.

- Get my mile time down to 7 minutes or less.
      I gave in to laziness and set myself back a bit. And by "a bit" I mean like, a week and a half. I did 11 minutes yesterday. I can cut off 4 minutes in two weeks. Absolutely. Hopefully. It's... harder than it sounds for someone as lazy as me.

- Practice playing power chords on the guitar and get a lot better at it. Just practice the guitar in general.
      I'll let you guys judge for yourselves on this one. I apologize in advance for my lackluster singing and (apparently hereditary) complete lack of rhythm. And the awkward pause in the middle, 'cause I had to put my capo on and I have an elastic one and the elastic ones are awful. Also I lost my grip on my pick a couple times so there's other, smaller awkward pauses 'cause of that. But I was too lazy to re-record so ENJOY THIS SMORGASBORD OF FAILURE.


- Get conversant in Irish.
      Dia dhuit. Eimíle is ainm dom. Conas atá tú?
      Irish is really hard you guys. Their grammar is not like our grammar.

- Get functionally fluent in French.
      Je ne sais pas comment à definir de "fonctionnellement couramment." Je parle d'accord le français. Donc... eh?

- Do more digital art projects for me.
      Nope. Blocked.

- Walk Wiggles twice a day and take her for at least 2 short runs a day so she's less bored all the time :C
      One walk and 2 short runs a day isn't too bad.

- Look into playcare so she can make some dog friends and chew on them instead of chewing on me all the time :C
      I've gotten the necessary forms to fill out. Next step: fill them out.

✓ Work on her separation anxiety. Gradually accustom her to staying in her crate by herself so she can go in there an hour or 2 at a time.
      She seems to be okay as long as she's been walked before going into the crate.

- Beat at least 1 L4D campaign on expert without the use of an M60. This is obviously the least important thing on the list and probably won't happen.
      If it weren't for Coachbot, I'm pretty sure I could beat Dead Center on expert. Curse you, Coachbot!

✓ Play less tetris. Spend the time I usually spend playing tetris on doing the rest of the things on the list.
      At least I've got this down.

Welp. All in all I think I'm doing okay. It's mainly this hideous block that's keeping me from being productive with work and the book. It's been going on for weeks now so idek. Hopefully I'll get over it soon :/

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I'm attempting to organize my life and suck less, and to that effect, I have made a to-do list for December. And I'm posting it here, because if other people know about it, they can heckle me if I fail. Also all my teachers in college were like, "To-Do lists really help you get stuff done. If you have a to-do list, you'll accomplish more, I promise." SO I'M TESTING YOUR PROMISE, COLLEGE PROFESSORS. Let's see how well I do. IF I FAIL, HOW ABOUT YOU PAY BACK MY STUDENT LOANS, PROFESSORS? HOW ABOUT THAT? No? Oh :c

- Get the rough draft of my WIP up to at least 75,000 words.
- Get at least 2 classical monologues and 2 contemporary monologues audition-ready.
- Stop procrastinating on work. Get work done early.
- Save up money and stop spending it on things I don't need.

- Eat less processed sugar.
- Eat more vegetables.
- Learn how to cook fish.
- Stop eating giant bags of Cheetos.

- Get my mile time down to 7 minutes or less.
- Practice playing power chords on the guitar and get a lot better at it.
- Get conversant in Irish.
- Get functionally fluent in French.
- Do more digital art projects for me.

- Walk Wiggles twice a day and take her for at least 2 short runs a day so she's less bored all the time :C
- Look into playcare so she can make some dog friends on chew on them instead of chewing on me all the time :C
- Work on her separation anxiety. Gradually accustom her to staying in her crate by herself so she can go in there an hour or 2 at a time.

- Beat at least 1 L4D campaign on expert without the use of an M60. This is obviously the least important thing on the list and probably won't happen.
- Play less tetris. Spend the time I usually spend playing tetris on doing the rest of the things on the list.
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Argh, it be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, me hearties. Yo ho. And I be restin' me laurels all by me lonesome in me cabin, nary hide nor hair o' me favorite beastie to be seen - me ol' da has her cornered belowdecks while I take a stab at this 'ere work that's t' be done.

...Anyway. I really don't have anything new to say, I just wanted to post something because I'm trying to get work done but really all I'm doing is eating corn chips and watching old episodes of sitcoms while wishing I was asleep. Last week I was nearly pressed into fisticuffs by a fat middle-aged angry Eastern European man in the grocery store parking lot, and then this weekend I performed classical music at a Spanish mass without understanding a word of Spanish. But I have been teaching myself Irish Gaelic, which is... going slowly. My life feels kind of strange right now, but maybe that's the sleep deprivation talking.

Anyway. Here's a gif of pirate!Pond, since it's International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

snip )
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04 May 2010 @ 11:21 am
You know that thing about how you should never meet your heroes? I never want to learn anything about my heroes. Or, in fact, anyone I like but don't know personally. EVER.

I'll just believe that the set of Doctor Who series five was a big fabulous lovefest and Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill are all best mates and Alex Kingston is like their mom and Steven Moffat is like their dad HE'S PROBABLY A JERK I KNOW SHUT UP THIS IS MY FANTASY and on the weekends they all got together and roasted marshmallows and found good loving homes for the all puppies they'd rescued that week. DELICIOUS DELICIOUS MARSHMALLOWS AND PUPPIES. I WILL HEAR NO DIFFERENT.

In other news, I went to the park this morning and parked in the parking lot and ate a muffin. It's the most exciting thing I've done so far this week. Or possibly stopping at two whole different Dunkin' Donuts with Katiria on Sunday night was the most exciting thing I've done this week. Never change, New England. Never change.
First: Bones. After Bones, rl whining.

BONES: The Man in the Outhouse )

Erm. Okay. Now for the rl stuff: internets. They've theoretically been fixed, more or less, but now the connection seems to go in and out at random intervals. Also, I finally got my butt in gear and started looking for monologues (in my defense, I'm procrastinating A LOT less than usual)! I also intend to get my butt in gear and get some solid work done on my thesis before the end of the weekend.

Unfortunately, I'm getting dragged to NYC tomorrow by my mother, so none of this butt-in-gearing will actually occur until Friday.

Although I do have one monologue. It's classical, which means I found it in ten minutes and adore it to bits. I fucking hate contemporary monologues. Can't I just be paid really well to read Shakespeare all day? Please? Pretty please?

In better news, I got a free ipod touch with my new computer. It is AWESOME. I'm debating naming it either Agent Morris or Kendall Casablancas. Probably Agent Morris. Agent Morris could kill you with her pinky. If my ipod touch had a pinky, it could kill you with it. It's like they're THE SAME THING O.o

some Landel's app pondering that Lady U might be able to help with )
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I'm just posting this to let Lady U know that a) I can't get online and b) ... I can't get online. No challenges will get done (but I'm almost done with all of them!) or posted (and I have three shiny ideas!) ;_;

Would anyone want to airlift me in a new router? Anyone?


...No, not Veronica Mars' dog. Although that would be a fun second choice. Especially if I got to meet Veronica and Keith before and after this impromptu dogsitting occurs. >.> I CAN DREAM.

Over-exaggerating mood theme is over-exaggerating. Get a life Rose >[
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02 September 2008 @ 10:24 am
Happy September everyone! (Just pretend I'm posting this on the 1st >.>)

A few updates: I got a new computer. It is called Buffalo. Lady U's is called Muffin.

... Either it makes sense or it doesn't.

Meanwhile, NS is almost over and I was too busy yesterday playing with Buffalo to actually post. Why have I sucked this entire NS? WHY?

Also, on Bones, I've got an entire rant that I need to post before the premiere, but it needs be said that Max is really growing on me. I hope there's lots of him in S4, 'cause I'm a fan of the character. My parents really hate the actor who plays him, so it's not easy (because they always hover when I watch Bones... which is why it sucks to like the same shows your parents do), but I like him a lot. I also hope there's plenty of Russ, although I don't like him as much as Max :(

Just 18 days before PD on DVD! Whoo!

Now I need to do work. Because I'm at work.

Lady U: I hope you had a good flight! Call me if you want to do a video chat thing!
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Life decided to dump a lot of crap on me yesterday and I've been busy dealing with it, so I have not been able to do Challenge 3 or 4. Nor have I been posting for Rose (my only character besides Elle who's in play right now). FAIL IS ME!

At least Elle is bleeding in the brainpan now and therefore won't be moving ever again for the rest of NS.

Bones musings )

Meanwhile, if you click on one link today it should be THIS LINK. Because it's an unwritten rule that when my ships have their first kiss, they must film a passionate kiss that expresses their deep abiding love, and then air a chopped up version that's mostly offscreen and in no way shows how Brennan's gum got into Booth's mouth. And seriously. A whole flotilla indeed ;)

ETA: Bones spoilers ahoy )

In Landel's news, I'm 87% certain that I'll be apping Brennan. And then everyone will be like "Dude! You're TRILLIAN'S SISTER!" And then she will be like "OMGWTF I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS o.O" I was mostly swayed away from Mrs. C by an icon I found of Brennan huddling over a happy face mug and looking sort of pathetic, and another of Brennan looking at something that was probably Booth taking his pants off. And I was like, "Mrs. C doesn't make faces like that. Also, I need another sociopathic seductress like I need to not finish eating this cheesy bagel that I can't get enough of right now."

And that's my story.
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03 July 2008 @ 03:28 pm
Fun times on Sunday with [ profile] katiria. First, we went bowling, but all the power went out and we were trapped inside the bowling alley. It was like a horror movie. Once we escaped, we wound up in Massachusetts but got chased away by the children of the corn. Then we almost played with ferrets, ate dinner, and somehow ended up in Australia.

On the whole, pretty epic.

Four days later, nothing's happening in real life. Season finale of DW, but not til Saturday (and yes, I realize it's very sad that the most exciting thing about today is an episode of a TV show not airing for another two days).

As far as Landel's goes... Anya's asleep because Harley Quinn bashed her over the head last night. She is organizing a Scooby foray into the basement, which should be exciting times, although Angel is having to explain about not giving away everything they know on the bulletin board. Poor Anya, she tries to be subtle >.> Mason is hitting on girls and wishing they were Daisy (as usual), and Elle is attempting to trick all the Heroes characters into killing all the other Heroes characters and mind-fucking Claire just for the fun of it (she's also trying to mind-fuck Sylar, but fails miserably because he's just too brainy for her bad brain pun is bad).

I'm also considering apping to [ profile] lastvoyages. Right now, I'm leaning towards Jaye Tyler, but I really want an inmate, not a warden. Irina Derevko, perhaps? Suggestions for dead villains are welcome.
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Anya and Mrs. C would definitely approve of the Indiana Jones movie. Apparently Spielberg was like, "You can never have too many monkeys trying to eat Cate Blanchett's hair!" And that was pretty much that.

Oh, and Stephen Sommers would like his ending back.

Karen Allen, meanwhile, deserves a Big Damn Award for managing to make Marion awesome in the face of all odds. She is seriously FTW on so many levels. I think I liked her better in KotCS than I did even in Raiders. She's won her place next to Lena Olin, Elisabeth Sladen, Christine Baranski, and several others on the list of Quinquagenarian Actresses Who Could Pwn You.

MEANWHILE. I'm back in New England, have been for about a week. I spent the past week resting and recuperating from moving all my furniture into storage and acclimatizing to my new work schedule. Unfortunately, I cannot share details of my work here as Lady U mocked me for my job as a receptionist last summer. All she knows of the new one is that I work mornings and had to sign confidentiality papers (although the papers thing may have been a tangled web of deceit. I might be scooping ice cream. Then again, I might not. I might be working for THE ALIENS o.O).

If anyone would like to hang out, I'd be available any day after 1:30 or 2. [ profile] katiria?

P.S. The Doctor Who finale airs in one week! *goes slowly insane*
P.P.S. Almost done with my Landel's app! I just have to do the first person sample. It's only... oh... 19 pages so far >.>; The history section is under the word limit, I swear!
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13 June 2008 @ 12:27 pm
AHAHA! I passed my Earth Science class! YES I DID! Only barely, but considering that a C- is considered failing when really a C is supposed to be average... I hardly think this whole system is fair.

Anyway. I have realized that I do not like alcohol. No, not even when there's about three drops of it in a rather large milkshake. I can taste it D: One of my friends in fact came to the conclusion that I do not like liquid, seeing as I'm not fond of soda, punch, or anything else that comes out of a bottle/can. Things that came out of a cow, however, I'm fine with. But I'm still using my 'drunk' mood theme 'cause it's the only chance I'll probably ever have to.

We were all sort of experimenting with drinks and my friend C.J., who doesn't do alcohol either, came up with one called Urban Sugar, which is just Hawaiian punch and rimming sugar. Then we made a Reluctant Chinchilla, which is a vanilla milkshake laced with raspberry vodka. That didn't taste too bad, so I actually drank it. Then there were the vodka shots. I will never do shots again. Even though I was given light-up shot glasses as a present. They're actually really cool.

In other news, I'm 21. WHERE ARE YOU, LADY U?! Never mind, now I know :)

And now I need to spend the next three days putting my life in boxes. Yay.

I think I'll wait for the headachy feeling to go away before posting at Landel's (especially as one of my characters is supposed to be able to think intelligently, which I'm not at the moment).

ETA: It just came back to me. I had a seriously weird dream last night (which I would blame on the vodka, but I have this sort of dream every other night so I can't).
cut for weird dream/Angry Penguins/Peter Petrelli Porn )
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11 June 2008 @ 11:21 am
- I have a final tomorrow for Earth Science. I did the math and I can only get one question wrong or I might just fail the class (thankfully I had the foresight to take it Pass/Fail to it won't affect my GPA). Of course there's a major problem here in that I can't do math. Or science. This is the crux of my dilemma. Rawr.

- It's my birthday on Friday. My 21st. There's a party tomorrow afternoon so I can officially say bye to all my college peeps before going home for the summer. I also get the feeling that everyone's going to show up with a different sort of drink and make me try them all until I find one I like. Then Lady U and Sam are coming down this weekend, y/y? I'M OLD, as I'm sure Lstar will be quick to point out the second my feet touch New England soil.

- Today I have an appointment with the eye doctor to get some contacts. Unfortunately, I doubt they'll actually have time to make the contacts before I'm going home. a;sdfajs oh well. No harm in showing up (unless they charge me $60 to tell me they can't do anything again).

- At the same time as all this, I have to pack to go home. Like, put everything I own in a box. Time-consuming as hell.

- Plus, my mom's coming out next Monday, fully expecting me to have already packed everything so we can part-ay. As much as one can theoretically party in Irvine with one's mother.

*headdesk* Maybe I should put up a slow posting notice at Landel's? Maybe?
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I finally got around to watching the Stardust trailer, and I firmly believe that it will be amazing. Except for Claire Danes. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: maybe I'm biased because I happen to dislike her. But she is horribly, horribly miscast. It would be like casting a cheesemonkey as Jack. Except... oh wait... Jack is a cheesemonkey. Yes, a monkey made from cheese.
I'm mad at all things Lost, if you couldn't tell.
But back on Stardust, it looks wonderful. My one sadness: Claire Danes and Sienna Miller should switch parts. Then I'd say that this has the makings of being one of the best sword-and-sorcery flicks ever. Exept Highlander. Nothing's better than Highlander.
Speaking of sword-and-sorcery, or maybe just swords, or maybe just men in tights running around in the woods...

Oh. Sidebar. Did I spy Ricky Gervais trying to sell Michelle Pfeiffer a two-faced dog? 'Cause that would be awesome.

End of sidebar. Back to the men in tights, apparently the awesomely low-budget Robin Hood is not actually a mini-series - I was sadly misinformed. British seasons just happen to be 9 episodes shorter than American seasons, so we'll be getting Robin Hood: Season 2, sometime next spring. Which is pretty cool, just so long as Guy and the Sheriff have bigger parts. I mean, Robin and Marian are cool and all, but Guy and the Sheriff are the bestest. And so long as Will and Alan just admit their secret love for each other. Robin and Marian can do that too, but we all know how that ends (death, anyone? least in the original story, as far as I remember). Poor Robin and Marian. They should have a movie named after them and be played by Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn. Except... oh wait... heh. Yeah. Never mind.

As far as real life goes, New England has been balmy and warm. I'm off to NYC tomorrow to see a play about pirates, and then it's off to Guilford on Thursday to chill with the godfather. Then some quality Lady U style partying. In a box. Then back to sunny Cali. Sometime between 11pm on Sunday, when my flight gets in, and 8am on Monday, when my classes start, I need to find time to buy all my books.
That, too, should be a party in a box.
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06 February 2007 @ 05:14 pm
I am writing this because it was this or a paper on Alias. Yes, I've been trying to write a paper on Alias for years, and now that I've finally found an excuse to, I'm totally procrasting on it. I think I'm mainly going to talk about Sloane's sunglasses. But other than "they're round, yellow, and cause instant death to any who see them," I don't have much.

Also, I have rehearsal in about half an hour. My motivation to actually go wanes by the minute.

Yesterday, my mother sent me an eyepatch. Not sure why. But I'm sure it made sense to her at the time. It came with a Yoda pez, which revealed the shocking truth that my roommate has seen neither Star Wars, nor The Princess Bride. These things must be rectified. The first opportunity I get, I am forcing her to sit through TPB, because it is the best thing since sliced bread.

My other roommate left the apartment for the first time today right now - she spent the entire day sleeping. My theory that she is a vampire? It has yet to be disproven.

I'm doing a scene from Much Ado for acting class. It's due on Thurs. I'm meeting with my scene partner for the first time tomorrow afternoon. Should be a party. In a box.

I'm really hungry, and I have twenty minutes and nothing to drink but water, because I'm lazy and haven't been to the grocery store in a while. Ah well...

And that, in a nutshell, is my life. Oh, and it was 80 yesterday and 70 today. Rumor has it that it was -18 back home. :P

PS. amazing Bones last week, and this week's looks mighty amusing! Good times. Plus, new Lost. Juliet-style. ;)
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My entire life smells like flouride. Various dentist-type people have been yanking screws out of my jaw and shoving them back in all morning. Ouch. It's no party in a box, let me tell you.

However, what is a party (though it's not really in a box so much as a shiny new HDTV!) is Bones. Because last night? I nearly DIED. As my shiny new icon will no doubt tell you, Booth and Brennan were about two seconds away from just going at it on the sidewalk. Stupid Zach and his stupid new hat had to butt in at exactly the wrong moment and totally kill the mood though! Grr. Oh well. I still adore Zach, who successfully (and finally) became Dr. Addy last night. I've decided that I need to start recapping Bones, since Alias isn't happening for obvious reasons, and Lost isn't happening either, for the less obvious reason that I hate all the characters except Juliet. Who's kind of the villain of the piece. So... yeah. Brand new Weekly Reports shall be up and running by next week! Whoo!

Ah well. Now I'm off to the newly-named "Bow Tie Palace Theater" (wtf? what was wrong with Crown?) to take in the magnificent spectacle that is Emma Thompson. Because she rocks my world, and has a new movie. And my father has (surprisingly) agreed to see it with me. No more sad lonely chinchilla sitting all by herself in the movie theater because her roommate's a complete workaholic who neevr stops studying and all her friends live about an hour away! Yay!
And Lady U... I don't really have anything to say to you except that I'd like to see you soon, so get your butt down here!

PS. lj's changing it's formatting? again? what about us non-tech-savvy people who only know how to click the buttons! god damn it, lj!
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02 December 2006 @ 08:53 pm
Happy slightly belated December!

The chinchilla has many things to report:
1. She completely failed to get into either show she auditioned for.
2. Her mother managed to destroy the TV so her dad went out and bought a flat-panel HD TV.
3. She's been watching Alias obsessively and has decided that Will/Peyton is the ship of the future (or Sark/Peyton, but just 'cause if you combine it, it comes out as Seyton, which sounds an awful lot like Satan, which is pretty awesome).
4. She managed to break her desk lamp just by touching it.
5. She bleached her monkey's head.
6. She bought an imaginary rat (can't get a real one 'cause you can't take them on planes) and named it Gregor Rasputin.
7. She's heading off for a day of fun and excitement on Wednesday at an amusement park, 'cause studying for exams is what losers do.
8. She was officially done with classes on Thursday, and will be heading home this coming Saturday (the 9th) and will be returning to sunny Cali on Jan. 7th.
9. All she wants for Xmas are her two front teeth, but sadly, will have to do with getting one of her back teeth. But at least she will have 32 teeth like a normal person. Yay!
10. ...aaaaaaaand.... that's it.
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Today, I went to the beach. The decision was rather spontaneous, mainly stemming from post-drama lit class boredom. Therefore, there were no bathing suits and towels involved. Don't worry folks - no skinny dipping. I planned to roll up my pants and wade, but my inner child would have none of that. Damn inner child! I had very wet jeans until I got back to my apartment to shower. It was really fun, though. I wrote phoentic equations in the sand and then had a very zen moment. I totally bonded with the pelican. And then, I saw a baby seagull. I didn't chase it, but I did chase the other seagulls. That was fun.

Not much else to report. Oh, I'm not failing dramatic lit. Which is good news. Law, on the other hand... Eh. It's not for my major. Or minor. Or is, in fact, a class that I really ought to be taking. Damn gen ed!


PS. this is the countdown that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends:
Nathan F. on Lost: 0! It's tonight! Whoo!
Alias S5 on DVD: 12 days
Thanksgiving break: 14 days
X-mas break: 31 days
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A new icon, just for Lady U's sake. ;)

Also, has anyone ever been subjected to Chinese Water Torture? I wouldn't recommend it. Not that I've had Chinese Water Torture, but I did get the near equivalent last night. It rained, you see, and there's an awning outside my bedroom window. I'm on the second floor, and there are three floors, so the awning above my awning kept dripping water onto my awning. It was very steady, and very, very loud. I closed the window, listened to music, and had three layers of pillow over my head, and I could still hear it quite well. It did not slacken until the early hours of the morning, and did not cease completely until I had finally given up and decided just to go to bed early tonight.

That was unpleasant.

I really have nothing else to report, although my father is having a panic attack because some men from the Kennedy Center's Board of Something Important are coming to review his play. I guess it goes up in two weeks and he still doesn't have one of the parts cast. *eep*

I think I may have pulled a muscle in my jaw...

PS. Booth/Brennan = totally canon OTP
PPS. The Angel ep from which my icon is taken - best episode of TV ever made. (also, Angel/Faith = totally non-canon? *cough*Enemies*cough* OTP)
PPPS. on the weird dream front )
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I love my vomiting mouse.


The chinchilla is now the proud owner of: [inventory]
1) A small army of water bottles and
2) An orange to stave off the effects of
3) A cold

In other news, my roommie (the one I get along with, not the one I never see) has become obsessed with Angel. Sigh. I don't do it on purpose, I swear. We've gotten through the first five episodes of Season One, and considering that there are 105 episodes left... we could be watching for a while. Thus far, she thinks Cordelia is funny, Doyle is wonderful, and seems to be pretty ambivalent about Angel and Kate. She did laugh, however, when Spike fell down. But everybody laughs when Spike falls down.

Still to come: Buffy and Faith crash at Angel's place. Peanut butter and blood abound! Faith and Angel are the best couple that should never ever happen! Faith falls off the roof of (yet another) building. And then she falls off the roof of (even yet another!) building. And then Buffy is a mean whiny little bitch that nobody likes while Faith is completely awesome and should have had her own show.

PS. everybody should watch Bones, because Booth and Brennan are the best non-couple since... um... ever. Or Angel and Faith, take your pick.
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30 September 2006 @ 04:00 pm
We had a new sink installed in the apartment today, seeing as the old one had a habit of leaking all over the place. We still have no furniture, and it's very sad. In less sad news, though, I was watched Angel while eating dinner (on the floor because there's no table, but not off the floor, off a plate which was on the floor, like myself) and one of my roommates came over and sat down next to me and watched it with me. I was happy - I may have a convert. She thought it was "interesting," "pretty good," and "really, really weird." I would agree on all but the "pretty good" - Angel is far more than just "pretty good." I was watching the puppet episode, too, which is one of my all-time favorite episodes of TV. Ah well. She shall learn of the greatness that is Angel.

In related news, I'm experiencing severe Alias withdrawal. I really want the season five box set to come out, but of course it won't until the end of November. Curses! I even find myself missing some truly horendous episodes (although not, as yet, the stupid Sark episode). Of course, much of season five was actually really good, and that kinda makes it worse. I want it to come out on DVD, but of course it won't for two more months! Agh!

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