25 November 2008 @ 03:50 am
I really shouldn't make a habit of these, but yes: it's another image-heavy Heroes recap, ala the one I did for Villains. This one is even more ridiculous and lengthy than the last, what with me writing it at 4 in the morning :[

This week reminded me of how pretty everyone on this show is, thus... this. And of course it's all different pictures, because reusing would be cheating. And... well... might as well show different examples of their prettiness. Y/n?

Oh, and [ profile] hebei? This one includes that Very Important Subplot I forgot about last time ;) (just skip down to the second cut)

HEROES: The Eclipse, Part 1 (Now With More Puppets) )

that important subplot He Bei reminded me about... )

And if anyone's managed to read through all that (or just skipped ahead ^^;), here are my actual thoughts on the episode:
thoughts )
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24 November 2008 @ 10:24 pm
So I'm doing that picture recap thing again for Heroes, but that takes a long time and I needed to give a quick shout-out to whoever wrote this episode for remembering that Elle is a psychotic manipulative bitch. Honestly, my rp muse was getting seriously emo, and now it's BACK. Thank you, writer of this ep \o/ *goes to post at Landel's, 'cause hardcore Elle muse is back hardcore*

Also, Baby!Hiro wasn't as obnoxious as I thought it would be.

But more on Heroes when I get my butt in gear and give y'all pretty pictures.

HIMYM: Naked Man )

Oh, and as soon as I have some time on my hands, expect a massive image-heavy post about my great undying love for PD and how much I hate ABC for ravishing and destroying the magic and beauty that was Wednesday night. Shhh, Bones moves around. Plus, there's nothing magical or beautiful about cooking corpses in airplane microwaves.
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18 November 2008 @ 05:30 am
This week on Heroes... Papa Petrelli makes an S&M porno, Peter teaches Flint that fire isn't always fun, and Mohinder grows trolls in his basement.

HEROES: It's Coming )

ETA: It just struck me that the Sylar/Elle scenes this week were very reminiscent of the "yellow crayon" bit from S6 of Buffy. Methinks Kring has been rewatching his Whedon, 'cause Sylar and Elle have been reenacting every great Whedon love story. Next week: they are cute and schmoopy on a balcony until Knox unleashes the spirit of the ancient deity he worships, which can only be brought to life by killing Elle slowly and painfully. Sylar stabs Knox repeatedly, but Elle dies anyway. But that's okay, 'cause the week after that Arthur will bring her back from the dead and she'll haunt Sylar's dreams and they'll wind up having hate!sex in a hotel room, and that's how Baby Noah is conceived. Nine months later, Elle kills herself to save her newborn son in a rainy alley while Sylar cries pathetically and HRG blows shit up.
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Elle = PIE HO.

Yes, that was a plug for Pushing Daisies.

Originally inspired by [ profile] katiria and re-inspired by [ profile] hebei, I bring you:

HEROES: Villains, A Recaplet For The Uninitiated (With Pictures and TL;DR Galore)

This was brought about because I felt the need to share with everyone the moral lessons imparted by this episode, namely: If you follow orders, you will become a villain; if you spaz out and set a train car on fire, you will become trailer trash.

HEROES: Villains (With Pictures and TL;DR Galore) )

for anyone who actually watched Heroes... )

ETA: On a re-skim to make sure I didn't miss anything important, I realized the Sylar/Elle plot was totally Season 2 of BtVS, where Elle was Buffy, Gabriel/Sylar was Angel/Angelus, and HRG was angry post-Jenny!Giles. Just with a skeevy threesome instead of an artsy sex scene.

ETA2: In all the joking about Elle being one of the Pie Hos, the pie itself escaped my notice. First Pushing Daisies, then Bones, now Heroes? What is TV's sudden obsession with seduction!pie?
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HIMYM: Stella! )

ETA: So this post isn't just me hating on a show... Heroes theories. spoilers )
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20 October 2008 @ 05:57 pm
A quick note on the rp front: Willow/Tara reunion is pretty much the most heartbreaking thread ever. Oh, and Simon Tam is having girl problems at TLV. Why? Because Elle spoke to him. I think she traumatized him. Ethan Rayne, on the other hand, thinks she's hawt. But... uh... not gonna happen, Ethan. Elle just wants someone to electrocute o__o

And TV:

DEXTER: All In The Family )

HEROES: Dying Of The Light )

This is about halfway through the volume, so I thought I might as well catalogue all the things I like about this volume so far and all the things I dislike. There seems to be a lot of debate as to whether the new direction is working or not, and this my take on it: angry genetically advanced super-powered penguins )

I miss Bones. FOX is lame. I want waffles.

Mmmmm... waffles.
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Due to being insanely busy, I've gone a very long time without posting. So I'm making up for it with a Very Long Post Of Doom.

[Poll #1280866]

If you checked anything other than option C, "go to sleep," YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG >:[

A few nights ago, I did two of those things after 2AM. One was option A. I'll leave it up to the imagination what the other one was >.>;

Long story short, Ted Mosby was right when he said nothing good ever happens after 2AM. Especially fanfiction. 'Cause after 2AM is when the really crazy pairings come out to play. Oh, you thought I was into some weird pairings? You laughed at me when I mentioned Anya/Hallie and Debra/Batista?

Try Ned/Elle on for size. Oh yes. I went there. I went there, I distilled the thereness of there, and I put it here and here here. And it was weird.

I mean, honestly, these pairings came from me putting a bunch of characters through a randomizer, I didn't come up with them, but still... Weird.

meme )

In other news, I stumbled across a comm dedicated to Heroes personal canon, and there are a couple gems:

angry penguins )

Aaaand... of course, TV. 'Twas quite good his week.

DEXTER: The Lion Sleeps Tonight )

HIMYM: Intervention )

HEROES: Angels & Monsters )

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10 October 2008 @ 02:16 am
The play I'm working on is seriously messing with my head. It's... deeply disturbing. One For The Road by Pinter. Find it. Read it. Enjoy the head-messing-with-ness of it.

I never want to hear "genital mutilation" and "Jesus" in the same thought ever again.

On a different note:

BONES: The He In The She )

PUSHING DAISIES: Circus, Circus )
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07 October 2008 @ 01:14 am
Welp. The baby was blonde, at least? :| Geez, Peter, you couldn't have been a LITTLE curious about who was crazy enough to be nailing Sylar and, ya know, ASKED WHO THE BABYMAMA WAS?

HEROES: I Am Become Death )

HIMYM: I Heart NJ )

I also saw SNL's version of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton's address, and their version of the Vice-Presidential Debates. They win SO HARD. I think Tina Fey is a better Sarah Palin than Sarah Palin.

Clinton: I believe that diplomacy should be the cornerstone of any foreign policy.
Palin: And I can see Russia from my house!

No, that's not my subject line. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?
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06 October 2008 @ 03:38 am
I think I want to kill my roommate. Talk me down, guys. I CAN'T TAKE THE SNORING ANYMORE. It's 3:42 in the fucking morning. Much like Miss Adair, I need my beauty sleep. At least I'm not dreaming about having my face set on fire? D:

Ohhhh... Okay. Let's talk about Dexter.

Honestly, I'm not enjoying this season as much as I did 1 and 2, but this is the first season I'm watching week by week (I think I came in about halfway through S2), and that always makes a different experience (much like Doctor Who).

And it's not bad, I'm just not as invested in it so far. There's no terribly gripping drama threatening to destroy the Morgans.


DEXTER: Finding Freebo )

Meanwhile. I feel I should update you all on my characters, because I know you all care that much.

angry penguins )

Aaaaand now it's 4:25 in the morning. I NEED SLEEEEEEP. SLEEP-DEPRIVED CHINCHILLA IS SLEEP-DEPRIVED. This is why I [heart] the weekends. She goes home, and I get a good night's rest *headdesk* The living room floor is looking more and more appealing...

ETA: Uh-oh. TLV!Elle was just advised to read the backlogs of old journal entries, and I was checking out Monk's to see if she could go "OMG DISEASE" at him. Apparently "lightning" is #5 on his List Of Fears. Tragically, the list is private. But I still think it's funny ^^ Actually, the whole list is immensely funny, although he did leave off "heights" and "crowds," which were 2 and 3, I think. Eh. I forget. But #11 is "touching a hobo's face," and that WINS.
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My new roommate snores. Like an avalanche descending upon an unheeding herd of elephants stampeding over a crowd of particularly loud lemmings, she snores. It is my tragedy that I am a painfully light sleeper, and thus am awake at 1:30 in the morning, when I had hoped to be asleep by 10.

But that allowed me to find, watch, and comment upon certain TV shows.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: The Greatest Burger in NYC )

HEROES: One of Us, One of Them )

And of course I loved that Daphne called Hiro "Pikachu," as that's Eddie's nickname for Elle over at Landel's. And honestly... it suits her better. What with the... electricity. And all. Yeah, I had to look Pikachu up >.> How was I supposed to know he generated electricity?
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Went to open auditions last night. Didn't get called back :(

I guess I should be used to it by now, or something, but it still sucks. Also, no internet in the apartment til Monday. Luckily, all my classes today are lectures so I can sit in the back and be online. Mwahaha >.>


BONES: The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond )
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24 September 2008 @ 01:25 pm
Yup. Heroes. I finally got to see the premiere \o/

And it didn't disappoint. Mostly. I would like to point out one important fact:

Elle said she could take down Sylar. No one believed her. OH WHAT NOW BITCHES. Elle took down Sylar, and it was amazing. Though it must be conceded that he gave her a shiny head wound to go with her Magical Disappearing Bullet Wound.

HEROES: The Second Coming/The Butterfly Effect )

What I learned from this episode: No, you really CAN'T cut open a woman made of lightning and not expect something bad to happen. WAY TO GO, SYLAR. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT. Next time, take a cue from Powers Boothe and beat Elle about the head a few more times before you fuck with her shit.

ETA: if you didn't know Elle was my favorite character... )
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18 September 2008 @ 06:13 pm
Finger in the Nest: Hi, I'm the most depressing episode of Bones ever!
Aliens in a Spaceship: Ummm... hi. Remember me?
Finger in the Nest: GTFO BITCH >[
Aliens in a Spaceship: *crawls away crying*
Stargazer in a Puddle and Man in the Fallout Shelter: *raise hands shyly*
Finger in the Nest: Don't even try.

Maybe it's just because I'm a dog lover, but as the above conversation indicates, this was just about the most depressing episode ever.

BONES: Finger in the Nest )

On a different note: according to the Theory of All Fandoms Being The Same that Lady U got from somewhere... Flora Mary Veronica Elle Anderson-Lane-Mars-Bishop is a teenage prostitute grifter vampire, who I would like to add has a superpower: no, not lightning. The ability to bleed ridiculous amounts. She faked her death back in the Old West, only to wind up doing it again in the 1930's. She eventually became a private detective, and then realized she had the power to generate lightning and was all like, "WTF was I doing carrying this tazer around?" She decided to become a supervillain, and her secret alter-ego (ala Clark Kent) is Sarah Marshall, a TV star who has appeared in such hit shows as Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime, and Animal Instinct (both of which I would watch, btw, because anything called Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime has to at least be laugh-worthy).

Admittedly, this idea is pretty funny. Of course, by the same logic, Detective Lassiter is also a vampire, or at least some other kind of immortal. And Brennan should watch out in case Booth decides to suck her blood, especially if/when he discovers she's secretly married to Josh Lucas :/

And then we have some Heroes spoilers. angry penguins, doin' a dance )
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First: Bones. After Bones, rl whining.

BONES: The Man in the Outhouse )

Erm. Okay. Now for the rl stuff: internets. They've theoretically been fixed, more or less, but now the connection seems to go in and out at random intervals. Also, I finally got my butt in gear and started looking for monologues (in my defense, I'm procrastinating A LOT less than usual)! I also intend to get my butt in gear and get some solid work done on my thesis before the end of the weekend.

Unfortunately, I'm getting dragged to NYC tomorrow by my mother, so none of this butt-in-gearing will actually occur until Friday.

Although I do have one monologue. It's classical, which means I found it in ten minutes and adore it to bits. I fucking hate contemporary monologues. Can't I just be paid really well to read Shakespeare all day? Please? Pretty please?

In better news, I got a free ipod touch with my new computer. It is AWESOME. I'm debating naming it either Agent Morris or Kendall Casablancas. Probably Agent Morris. Agent Morris could kill you with her pinky. If my ipod touch had a pinky, it could kill you with it. It's like they're THE SAME THING O.o

some Landel's app pondering that Lady U might be able to help with )
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06 September 2008 @ 08:54 pm
I love it when my shows leak. I really love it when Deb screams inappropriate things in front of her boss without realizing it (which seems to happen a lot...) I don't so much love seeing that much of Julie Benz, but if I must have nekkid!JB in order to get my Dexter fix, it's not like it's a real cross to bear.

DEXTER: Our Father )

All in all, an AWESOME opener to S3 and I can't wait til October for more!

And now, on a totally different note...

PSYCH: Talk Derby to Me )
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Me: Hi, episode recaplet! Long time no see!
Episode Recaplet: Hi Emmy! It's been a while, yeah. You haven't written one of me since the DW finale, and that was more of a novella!
Me: That's the truth!
Both: *cheesy laughter*

BONES: The Yanks in the UK )

So on the whole, I really liked it. Except Grayson.

P.S. Bones wins the First TV Show To Depict Incest Award. Yay?
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The theme of this post is certainly fictional daddy issues (and the Electra Complex or should that be ELLEctra Complex ;P). But first: my new layout! Thanks to the input of [ profile] i_hate_possess, a nice young fellow named Charlie Prince, it's Reefer Madness. Yes, I really do listen when people give me input hint hint respond to all my polls >.>

And now some super-awesome recaps and spoiler discussion.

MONK: Mr. Monk and the Genius )
MONK: Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever )
MONK: Mr. Monk Takes a Punch )
MONK: Mr. Monk is Underwater )
PSYCH: Murder? ...Anyone? ...Anyone? ... Bueller? )
PSYCH: Daredevils! )
PSYCH: The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable )
PSYCH: Disco Didn't Die. It Was Murdered! )

And now for the good stuff! YES! Dexter S2 out on DVD today! I can't get it until later, but I WILL. And in honor of the glorious day, I got myself all caught up on Dexter S3 spoilers. Alas, it's not airing until the end of September. But the trailer looks AWESOME.

1st trailer: FUCKING CREEPY. Everyone should watch this, even if you don't watch Dexter. It's kind of amazing.
2nd trailer: Actual. Ya know. Plot. And stuff.

cut for those daddy issues I was talkin' about )

In other news, Julie Benz is adorable.

Finally, we come to Heroes. Ah, Heroes. I've mostly only been reading up on the fates of Sylar and Elle (because we all know I wuv me some villains), and there's some interesting buzz happenin'.

cut for the Electra complex IN SPADES )

P.S. Thanks for turning me on to Pandora, guys! I'm actually hearing music now :D
P.P.S. What's with all these allegations of people dating their onscreen relatives? Hayden Panettiere and her onscreen uncle Milo Ventimiglia, Michael C. Hall and his onscreen sister Jennifer Carpenter, and weirdest of all: David Tennant and his onscreen daughter (and real-life daughter of his onscreen former incarnation) Georgia Moffet. I don't have a problem with these relationships, if they're really real and not just tabloid hype, but so many? Is it a new fad?
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Bored. Have internets. Haven't slept much the past two nights. Am too tired to write complete sentences. Blame loud dog taking over bed, but too cute to blame.

Season premieres. Recaps.

Is a cut. )

Fall asleep now. Except can't until 1. Maybe later. Father is doing "emergency repairs on roof." Not sure what that means. May end up walking all the way to Hartford. Not cool.

No news yet on Rose app :( Anya is already nearly unconcious and is now heading straight for PHead. Good luck, Anya! Elle may or may not be mostly dead. Mason is still flirting.

Will stop trying. Is nap time. Sorry I didn't show last night, [ profile] katiria. Tonight (after nap) or tomorrow?

Dirty-looking mood theme is dirty-looking.
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My review of the the Doctor Who finale:

It only took four years. Although, all things considered, it was way more than even my shippery heart dared hope for.

And that's that. Ten/Rose OTP FTW UNTIL THE END OF TIME.

Okay, no wait, there's more. But we'll get to the review later. Thanks to [ profile] katiria, I've been inspired to use pictures in my summaries. And thus, I bring you: A Guide To Doctor Who For The Uninitiated (With Pictures Of Very Pretty People), Followed By A Review Of The Series Finale.

A Guide To Doctor Who For The Uninitiated (With Pictures Of Very Pretty People) )

A Review Of The Series Finale )

P.S. German-speaking Daleks? FTW. Schaunzie, ein Dalek!
P.P.S. Well, I'm a Shakespeare nerd and Ten flirted like hell with the Bard, so here's a quote. Maybe it's where RTD got the name of the episode?

"Journey's end in lovers meeting
Every wise man's son doth know"
~ Twelfth Night

Journey's end for Rose and Ten.2.1. Donna didn't meet her lover (Lee), so maybe it's not over for her? Why do I insist on bashing my head in about this? IT'S OVER SHE'S GONE IT'S DONE SHE WILL LIVE OUT HER LIFE IN POINTLESS MISERY.
P.P.P.S. Unexpected Naked!Ten was very welcome. Donna didn't seem to mind, either ;P I was surprised Jack didn't wind up naked, though, considering he got set on fire. His clothes really should have burned off. For the good of humanity.
P.P.P.P.S. Why I shouldn't venture into this fandom: stop whining that Donna left! That was the actress' decision, not RTD's! No creative planning went into that, it was simply Catherine Tate saying, "I'll do one season, but that's all." We got her for one season, and I'm thrilled we did. It's sad we have to let her go, but don't blame it on the PTBs. If you're going to blame someone, blame Catherine, but really... should you be heaping blame on someone who can act circles around the entirety of London and still have energy to pwn a huge Dalek fleet? No, I don't think you should. I'd love some stability, too, but Billie and Catherine both chose to leave. If you want to blame the PTBs about a companion's departure, that would be Martha's. But I'm not to upset because if she hadn't left we wouldn't have had Donna ;)
so many postscripts I need to start cutting them! )
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