Halfway through December, let's check in with my progress on my list:

- Get the rough draft of my WIP up to at least 75,000 words.
      I'm stuck at 40,000 words. Curse this writer's block! But I did do this. That's three-fifths of my novel, in notecard-and-string format. I couldn't do the other two-fifths 'cause they wouldn't fit on the corkboard. But that's gotta count for something.

- Get at least 2 classical monologues and 2 contemporary monologues audition-ready.
      I've picked and memorized 2 classical monologues, but I still need to find contemporary monologues. Curse my love of Shakespeare to the exclusion of all the playwrights who came after him!

- Stop procrastinating on work. Get work done early.
      I'm really blocked. All block, all the time. But I'm doing my best.

✓ Save up money and stop spending it on things I don't need.
      I think I can check this off. I haven't bought anything except food all month. Although...

      No. Cookies are necessary.

- Eat less processed sugar.
      I've cut down. A bit. Not a lot. But a bit.

- Eat more vegetables.
      I'm eating more than I used to, but it's still not exactly a lot.

- Learn how to cook fish.
      Not yet. BUT I WILL.

✓ Stop eating giant bags of Cheetos.
      Success! He Bei, assuming I remain strong, there is a bag of Cheetos awaiting you when you return Stateside.

- Get my mile time down to 7 minutes or less.
      I gave in to laziness and set myself back a bit. And by "a bit" I mean like, a week and a half. I did 11 minutes yesterday. I can cut off 4 minutes in two weeks. Absolutely. Hopefully. It's... harder than it sounds for someone as lazy as me.

- Practice playing power chords on the guitar and get a lot better at it. Just practice the guitar in general.
      I'll let you guys judge for yourselves on this one. I apologize in advance for my lackluster singing and (apparently hereditary) complete lack of rhythm. And the awkward pause in the middle, 'cause I had to put my capo on and I have an elastic one and the elastic ones are awful. Also I lost my grip on my pick a couple times so there's other, smaller awkward pauses 'cause of that. But I was too lazy to re-record so ENJOY THIS SMORGASBORD OF FAILURE.


- Get conversant in Irish.
      Dia dhuit. Eimíle is ainm dom. Conas atá tú?
      Irish is really hard you guys. Their grammar is not like our grammar.

- Get functionally fluent in French.
      Je ne sais pas comment à definir de "fonctionnellement couramment." Je parle d'accord le français. Donc... eh?

- Do more digital art projects for me.
      Nope. Blocked.

- Walk Wiggles twice a day and take her for at least 2 short runs a day so she's less bored all the time :C
      One walk and 2 short runs a day isn't too bad.

- Look into playcare so she can make some dog friends and chew on them instead of chewing on me all the time :C
      I've gotten the necessary forms to fill out. Next step: fill them out.

✓ Work on her separation anxiety. Gradually accustom her to staying in her crate by herself so she can go in there an hour or 2 at a time.
      She seems to be okay as long as she's been walked before going into the crate.

- Beat at least 1 L4D campaign on expert without the use of an M60. This is obviously the least important thing on the list and probably won't happen.
      If it weren't for Coachbot, I'm pretty sure I could beat Dead Center on expert. Curse you, Coachbot!

✓ Play less tetris. Spend the time I usually spend playing tetris on doing the rest of the things on the list.
      At least I've got this down.

Welp. All in all I think I'm doing okay. It's mainly this hideous block that's keeping me from being productive with work and the book. It's been going on for weeks now so idek. Hopefully I'll get over it soon :/

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I'm attempting to organize my life and suck less, and to that effect, I have made a to-do list for December. And I'm posting it here, because if other people know about it, they can heckle me if I fail. Also all my teachers in college were like, "To-Do lists really help you get stuff done. If you have a to-do list, you'll accomplish more, I promise." SO I'M TESTING YOUR PROMISE, COLLEGE PROFESSORS. Let's see how well I do. IF I FAIL, HOW ABOUT YOU PAY BACK MY STUDENT LOANS, PROFESSORS? HOW ABOUT THAT? No? Oh :c

- Get the rough draft of my WIP up to at least 75,000 words.
- Get at least 2 classical monologues and 2 contemporary monologues audition-ready.
- Stop procrastinating on work. Get work done early.
- Save up money and stop spending it on things I don't need.

- Eat less processed sugar.
- Eat more vegetables.
- Learn how to cook fish.
- Stop eating giant bags of Cheetos.

- Get my mile time down to 7 minutes or less.
- Practice playing power chords on the guitar and get a lot better at it.
- Get conversant in Irish.
- Get functionally fluent in French.
- Do more digital art projects for me.

- Walk Wiggles twice a day and take her for at least 2 short runs a day so she's less bored all the time :C
- Look into playcare so she can make some dog friends on chew on them instead of chewing on me all the time :C
- Work on her separation anxiety. Gradually accustom her to staying in her crate by herself so she can go in there an hour or 2 at a time.

- Beat at least 1 L4D campaign on expert without the use of an M60. This is obviously the least important thing on the list and probably won't happen.
- Play less tetris. Spend the time I usually spend playing tetris on doing the rest of the things on the list.
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30 October 2008 @ 11:30 pm
Is that (the quote in my subject line) somehow a reference to Veronica Mars? Someone?

angry rping-type penguins )


You knew it was coming. The big "I finally officially got on the Sylar/Elle bandwagon" post, complete with pictures and stuff and things.

angry spoilery sociopath-shipping-type penguins )

On the RL front, I'm really glad to have a ton of work, but I've got four rehearsals tomorrow. Straight from 11am-9pm. NO REALLY. IT HURTS MY SOUL. Three of them are for lab scenes, which oughta be a party, and hopefully I'll be able to finagle my directors into letting me out a bit early so I can. Ya know. Eat. And then Opening Night Saturday! \o/ I'm on lights for opening, and I'm actually a lot more nervous about that than I've ever been about acting. Even though it's the least tech-heavy show in the history of ever. But... break a leg to mah awesome cast, for they are of the rocking kind.
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03 October 2008 @ 12:29 am
I'd forgotten how much I missed Pushing Daisies. It is FTW on every level. Bones was kinda okay. It mostly just made me shriek, "GET ANGELA AND HODGINS BACK TOGETHER YOU DUMB FUCKS!" Yeah. But please tell me I wasn't the only one going, "HOLY CRAP IT'S REEFER MADNESS!" when a joint turned up at the crime scene? I'm not crazy, right? Riiiiight?

I also got myself a Daisy, Daisy Adair over at Last Voyages. Yeah, I finally apped. Having a lot of fun so far, especially because everyone already hates her except the Master, Charlie Prince, and Rube, who is just mildly annoyed at her, but his default state is mild annoyance XD

Aaaaand. The AD job. Yup, the AD job. )

PS. I really need to think of something to do for Oktoberfest at Damned, angry penguins )
This reminds me. I need to call my mom and beg her to mail me this particular sort of candy one can apparently only find in small New England towns.
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02 October 2008 @ 01:01 am
Who has an AD job? I have an AD job!

... Holy fuck, I'm ADing. When did this happen?

So... long story short, I went out on a limb and decided to apply to AD a grad workshop. I expected to get a polite email telling me thanks for the interest but they were looking for someone with, ya know, experience. But no, I got a polite email telling me they'd love to have me and auditions were tomorrow at six, could I please make an appearance?

So. Um. Yay?
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Went to open auditions last night. Didn't get called back :(

I guess I should be used to it by now, or something, but it still sucks. Also, no internet in the apartment til Monday. Luckily, all my classes today are lectures so I can sit in the back and be online. Mwahaha >.>


BONES: The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond )
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21 September 2008 @ 06:49 pm
\o/ Off to California in the morning! It's exciting times...

You know you and your dad are actors when your mom says, "Don't leave your dishes here!" and you say, "What?" and your dad says, "Strike your dishes to the kitchen," and you immediately do that :/ I also worked with him on my monologues, and it was a bit weird, taking direction from my dad. He helped a lot, though. It also helps that he knows the plays way better than I do.

As far HEROES goes (ZOMG PREMIERE TOMORROW)... I must, tragically, miss the premiere. We have no cable in the apartment yet! TRAGEDY! GREAT AND EPIC TRAGEDY!

But before the premiere airs, I would like to lay down a couple theories that will doubtless be proven correct (and no, none of these are things I actually know will happen, like, from sources - but I know they'll happen in my gut).

no spoilers, just braaaaiiiiinz )

I am willing to put cashy money on Points 1, 3, 7, and 5 the half of 4 where HRG is Elle's biodad. 'Cause I speak trufax.

And, of course, it is now time for the final dayshift tally on my characters.

mildly annoyed penguins )
...Good times.
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First: Bones. After Bones, rl whining.

BONES: The Man in the Outhouse )

Erm. Okay. Now for the rl stuff: internets. They've theoretically been fixed, more or less, but now the connection seems to go in and out at random intervals. Also, I finally got my butt in gear and started looking for monologues (in my defense, I'm procrastinating A LOT less than usual)! I also intend to get my butt in gear and get some solid work done on my thesis before the end of the weekend.

Unfortunately, I'm getting dragged to NYC tomorrow by my mother, so none of this butt-in-gearing will actually occur until Friday.

Although I do have one monologue. It's classical, which means I found it in ten minutes and adore it to bits. I fucking hate contemporary monologues. Can't I just be paid really well to read Shakespeare all day? Please? Pretty please?

In better news, I got a free ipod touch with my new computer. It is AWESOME. I'm debating naming it either Agent Morris or Kendall Casablancas. Probably Agent Morris. Agent Morris could kill you with her pinky. If my ipod touch had a pinky, it could kill you with it. It's like they're THE SAME THING O.o

some Landel's app pondering that Lady U might be able to help with )
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Happy Ides of March to one and all!

Okay, it's been a while since I've posted anything. So here goes:

I played Edward V in Richard III (most incestuous family tree ever, even moreso than Sydney Bristow's!), in which I died, but not onstage. There were good times, however, because I had a background conversation with Richard, and he would always come up with new and exciting things waiting for me in the Tower of London. One time it was "the ancient Aztec God Quexecotl. He eats virgins." "Does he breathe fire?" I asked. "Yes," Donovan/Richard replied. "But only after he's eaten the virgins." Another time, it was "dancing camels made entirely out of rubber bands and carrying chainsaws." A pause. "Okay, it's really just some dead sea monkeys and a sponge." Another pause. "But the sponge has acid in it."
In other acting-related news, I had an audition last night. I went in with a monologue from "Feifer's People," never having read Feifer's People, or in fact having ever seen the monologue in print. I had heard it once, earlier that day, from a friend of mine. Needless to say, some of it was slightly improvised. But I think it went ok.

In class-related news, I am taking 3 dramatic lit courses next quarter. Yay! *faints* Should be a party, especially since I'm also taking a French class which is at 8am every fucking morning. Speaking of, my current dramatic lit teacher was explaining our final exam to us, and she said something about how "Miss Julie was so fucking screwed up." And she said that the word "fucking" was part of the English language, and she respected that, and she had no problem with us using it in our essays on the exam. This is the same teacher who gave us that lecture about the Renaissance. Good times. And, according to my acting teacher I was "born for" Restoration Comedy. Apparantly. I don't know what I'm doing that's so wonderful, since I have little to no clue what I'm saying and absolutely none what I'm doing, but eh. She seems to like it.

In TV-related news:
BONES: The Bodies in the Book )
LOST: Par Avion )
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I finally made my roommate see The Princess Bride, and, as predicted, it's now her favorite movie. How can it not be? It's amazing. In other news...

BONES: The Man in the Mansion )
LOST: Flashes Before Your Eyes )

Also, I am not longer playing a twelve-year-old boy. Now I'm fifteen. It's pretty cool, except I have to have a deeper voice, which hurts my throat. Oh, and we did the battle last night, and it was amazing.
Furthmore, I'm currently reading The Once and Future King, which is so much better than I thought it would be. Archimedes actually talks and the mustard-pot does a little dance. It's pretty awesome. Although I get the feeling that Lancelot and Guinevere show up and totally ruin it. Stupid Lancelot and Guinevere.
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Happy very (very) belated New Year's. I'm back in California, and have been for a while. Not much else to report. It's been pretty cold here, actually. I spent the weekend filming a movie, and my costume consisted of a t-shirt and skirt. So I was running around barefoot and very freezing. Lots of fun.

Also, I've been cast in Richard III as a twelve-year-old boy. Not a huge part, but at least I'm a prince, so I can use the Royal Plural. Nice.

Lady U: Buffy is lame and Faith should rule the world. How's the Bones marathon going?
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So there you go, for anyone who was wondering.

PS. I just had this audition, and I have the embarassment to leave my extra resumes and headshots there and the director called me and told me. Crap! Looks like I'll be looking for employment elsewhere... Er... hopefully he didn't take it as a sign that I'm unorganized, lazy, and unconcerned with the world at large, which is the truth, but hopefully he didn't take it that way.
PPS. I just had a ten hour day. With no break whatsoever. Life sucks, man. Although now I know all about the nasalization of the lateral consonant post-[i] and the vowel harmony rules of Lamba. Yeah, it was a bit weird, but now I think I got it. Linguistics rocks.
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Happy October to one and all!

My October started out in a fun way: I was at auditions from 1:30 to 6 and then I didn't get the part. I hate it when that happens. Ah well. Story of my life.

Anyway, I've decided that you really do learn something new every day, so I've decided, because I really don't have a life, to write down something new that I learn every day. Today I learned:

90% of people who are right-handed have a scar on their left knee. This freaked me out, because I do, in fact, have a scar on my left knee, and am right-handed. How weird is that?

anyway... I'm tired. So g'night to one and all!

PS. my roommate has decreed that I can't watch Angel without her - I think it's her new favorite show
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14 March 2006 @ 11:35 pm
I had auditions for Crucible and Under Milk Wood today.

... yeah.

more on that debacle )

on quesadillas and other stuff )
EDIT: dollar bill: )
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24 February 2006 @ 09:39 am
Just a heads up for Lady U and Lstar - I made a few more As the Mueller Device Turns icons, which can be found over at [ profile] eternalstreams, along with some icons from other fandoms, which you are free to ignore.

Anyway, Angel is my new favorite pseudo-campy horror dramedy ever. 'Cause... it's cool. The end kinda... ya know... sucks... (in a good way). But there is it. Who knows when Lady U will be able to watch it, though, as our summer plans already include seven seasons of television.

Last night was Opening Night, which wasn't as good as the preview show we had the night before last, but still went pretty well. The audience was dead, though. Frickin' dead! Also, I saw a hummingbird orgasm on my way to lunch the other day. That was rather disturbing. In other news... still no word on when new eps of Alias will air, and I'm still spoiler-free, but each week with no news is starting to drag a little. ABC is evil and must pay.

So... It's almost March. And I have a paper to write for 1pm today, so I'd better start working on that.
... Yeah.
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Is that how you spell Budapest?

...Anyway, Lady U, there are a few loverly M/I icons up over at [ profile] eternalstreams. So go there. Check them out. You might like one.

Right now, it's about 12:30am, and there appears to be some sort of party going on down the hall. Why me? Why in my dorm? Why not, say, ten or fifteen miles away? Why on a night when I don't have a headache and don't want to get some sleep? Why?

Enough complaining! The chinchilla had the read-through last night. They play turned out to be pretty short - only a one-act, really - and is only in one scene, so she need only go to rehearsal every once and a while. Which is kinda nice.

But not when they're throwing damn parties at 12:30am right down the hall!

Speaking of sleep, I need some.

'Night, all.
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13 January 2006 @ 02:33 pm
The chinchilla got a part in a play, her very first play here at college. It's very exciting. Except that there are forms and stuff that confuse her. They also make her talk in the third person.

A trip to the grocery store is fast becoming necessary, although she doesn't much feel like biking the six (long) blocks between the dorm and the store. But Commons food is practically indigestable without the company of people professionally trained to take your mind off what you're eating. And since everyone appears to go home on the weekends (at least this chinchilla has been abandoned for four days by her fickle, fickle friends (I [heart] you M & S!)), Commons food is nearly inedible. Well, I had a hotdog for lunch, and that basically means pizza for dinner, unless there's some exciting potato thing available. But their pizza is nasty and their pasta is always overcooked and their potatoes... it's best not to dwell on their potatoes.

Probably the only reason that the chinchilla is being moody and depressed like this is because she's sitting alone in her room on a Friday afternoon digesting the lemony goodness of pound cake and wondering when the weather will warm up sufficiently to allow her outside in shorts and a t-shirt after 4:30pm. Of course, back east, you shouldn't be going out in shorts and a t-shirt any time :P.

The chinchilla has also been spreading the Firefly love, and has gotten a grand total of one person to watch the movie and about half the series. Her reaction to it thus far appears to have been to spring randomly out at people, yell "Special Hell!" and then run away.

Yes, the chinchilla has some very strange friends.

Anyway, since rehearsals are starting on Tues, this chinchilla needs to absorb all the slacking-off time she has, since it will be limited come next week, through to the end of Feb. So she must enjoy lazy time while she still has it.

PS. I have a new icon. It's really depressing me. Why doesn't Lady U have a new icon?
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19 November 2005 @ 05:34 pm
I'm miffed at Alias. According to my father, Nadia just lay in bed and looked pretty. That has become her function on the show. *tear* We need the Sl/N to come back!
According to Converts#2 and #3, on the other hand, Alias may think it's all about Rambaldi, but really it's all about Lincoln. Yes, Abraham Lincoln is the new Ramabaldi.

... I think you had to have been there.

In other news, I HAVE CREW! This is my 30min break b/w shows. Fortunately, there will be pizza when I return, which is good. I like pizza. I also like that, after tonight, I will never ever have to sit for three hours on a counter in a corner of the girl's dressing room watching people get naked. My butt hurts. I want to run around! Run naked through the rain!!!!

Okay. I need some sleep. And Lost this week apparently had a buttload of AL, and this coming week is an AL episode. Which totally blows. But I can put up with it because soon we will have another ep with our dear darlin' Katie.
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Sleep? Huh? What is this foreign thing you speak of?

Anyway... I'm mad because imdb refuses to confirm that Nadia will be back next week (not like I'll get to see it anyway...) Also, after Dec15th Alias will be going on haitus until MARCH. 'Cause... ya know... Jen's pregnant. Anyway... I caught some photos of one of the new eps, and it looks like Renee's bad hair from the other week isn't a wig - but is her real hair! That's taking it one step too far! *starts singing "A Step Too Far"*

I have crew in 20 minutes. And I have it for 12 hours or more. Which totally sucks. But last night the actors were really nice and got us truffles for opening night. Now, if only I liked chocolate...
But I have to dash, because I have to go spend half an hour prepping costumes and then sit around for an hour until the actors arrive.

grrrrr. Yesterday, in my boredom, I drew a maze. It's not a very good maze, but it looks suitably maze-like.

Must dash.
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11 November 2005 @ 02:59 pm
No, seriously. I want to know why the white gulls call. Damn it.

Anyway, I slept from about 1 to about 11, so I got about 9 hours of sleep. Which makes me happy. But tonight I'm there to midnight, and I have to be back there at 11am. And stay there tomorrow until midnight. Which I am so very NOT looking forward to.

Anyway... Life is... challenging. I kinda sorta have a paper to write for Monday. That'll happen eventually. But considering that I wrote an eight page paper the morning (not the night, the morning) before it was due... I can so write it on Sunday. Which is also my laundry day, 'cause laundry hasn't happened in a couple of weeks now and it needs to happen again.

Also, Motrin is my hero.

Nobody really needed to know any of this.

I think I'll sue the elves. Can I do that? Or will they come after me with bows and arrows and throw their little pointy green shoes at me? In any case, I'm mad because my VCR is retarded and didn't tape Alias last night. So... I have to wait until next week for the pater to mail me "Abandoned" (in which someone died but I don't know who!!!!), "Solo" (in which the Rachel Bitch looks like Lauren), "The Other 48 Days" (in which nothing constructive happens), and "Fait Accompli" (in which ickle Nads is in a coma forever more - but hopefully not). So... I'll backdate my weekly reports, just so they're easier to find for future generations. And because I like to pretend that I'm prompt about these sort of things. Not like anyone except occasionally Lstar reads them anyway, but I thought I'd say that.

Right now I need to go grocery shopping because A) I'm almost out of Cheeze Its, B) I need more hair elastics before this one breaks and C) I have crew for 13 hours tomorrow with only a 45 minutes break.

Okay. Is there a reason that we have to get there 3 hours before curtain? It takes the actors an hour to get into costume and makeup, and half an hour before that (for me at least) to get their costumes prepped. So serisouly... we shuold be getting there at 12:30, not eleven. And then have from 5:30 to 6:30 for dinner. Bastards. Ah well. I shall bring a good book.

Now I just have to find a good book, 'cause I've read almost all the ones on my bookshelf.
Last night I was so bored I drew a tree. A whole damn tree. Every leaf drawn individually. That's what I call boredom. But I am rather proud of my tree nonetheless.
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