I think I'm in love with Ian Bonar.

Anyway, detailed below are my thoughts re: GOING POSTAL: THE MOVIE in the form of word vomit.

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:/ In other fandom-related news, I sat myself down with a transcript of Silence in the Library and imagined my way through a few scenes with everything as is, except that Jane Seymour was playing River Song. ...I liked it rather better.

It's 2am, so I'll leave it there or you'll get a rant you really don't want.
Donna. Romana. THEY RHYME. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

Anyway, I've seen several movies between the last time I posted and now. Obviously, spoilers. Although no long recaps. I'm too lazy.

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Oh, and if Ten really does wind up married to anyone besides Rose or Donna, even if it's someone with as cool as name as River Song, this will be one unhappy little chinchilla. TEN AND ROSE'S LOVE IS EPIC AND FOREVER. Ten and Donna's love is endlessly amusing. Ten and River Song's love? IT IS A LIE. EVEN MORESO THAN THE CAKE. And I'm not alone in the DO NOT WANT camp. Admittedly, we're all die-hard T/R shippers in here, but there's A LOT OF US. And we are NOT AMUSED.
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